Flats in Kottayam

Known as the land of letters, latex, and lakes, Kottayam has been forever one of the most peaceful districts in the state. The major source of income of this central town is from its plantations, tourism, and real-estate. The continued NRI investment in the district boosts its economy.

The district has many firsts to its credit. Kottayam is a culturally-rich city that holds the distinction of having attained 100% literacy as far back as 1989 and this was also the place where the first English medium teaching was done in 1813. Aside from this, Kerala’s first printing press was established here in 1821 and Kerala’s first college was also started here. Kottayam is also at the center of publishing business in the state.

Modern-day Kottayam is a peaceful city that is developing at a fast pace and is ably supported by all the infrastructural props needed to boost it. Be it infrastructure, educations institutions, health care facilities, and good governance, Kottayam offers the best to its populace making it a much favored residential destination.

Much of the infrastructure development in Kottayam is around the city. There are numerous flats and villas that are fast nearing completion. Malabar Developers apartment complex Grand Maple offers the best of conveniences in the city. The flat is located at Baker Junction, the nerve center of the city. To live in a flat like Grand Maple is a boon because you practically step out of the apartment complex to the heart of the city. It is close to the shopping malls, and the city center. The flat offers top of the line amenities too.

Living in eco-friendly places like Kottayam offers their own charm of a life free of pollution and crime, but rich in every other prospect needed to bring up a family. Malabar Developers first apartment complex in Kottayam, the Grand Maple, offers the best of luxury living at Baker Junction, the heart of the city.

Why not invest in this apartment in Kottayam as opportunity rarely knocks twice!

Grand Maple Kottayam
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