The main real estate hubs in Kerala–Why these cities

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Real estate, by a large section of people anywhere, is considered the safest form of investment. Invariably, the value of a piece of land appreciates with time. Kerala, in India, is one of the most promising real estate markets. Real estate hubs in Kerala include Kochi, Trivandrum, Calicut, Kottayam, and Thrissur.

Why Kerala is a sought-after real estate market?

Kerala is a state that is bound by natural beauty and resources. More than this, it is the most literate state in the country. There is no shortage of water and rains are copious. The tree cover is large and the climate is tropical and humid. With many of the cities in Kerala having their own ports, the state is a major trade hub.

The coming of IT parks in the different cities of Kerala has changed the employment landscape of the entire state. There is a floating population in the state, the crowd is cosmopolitan, and there are many migrants. All these factors have increased the demand for housing in the state.

A whopping 45% of the new employees who have moved into the state chose Kochi to settle into, followed by Trivandrum, Calicut, Thrissur, and Kottayam.

The many NRIs in Kerala choose to invest their hard-earned money in real estate projects in Kerala. For this reason, builders in Kerala come up with world-class projects in the big cities of Kerala. There are many takers for apartments and villas in Kerala.


As the commercial capital of the state and as a metropolitan city in the making, Kochi has seen a lot of real estate growth, both residential and commercial. Kochi is beautifully landscaped and is home to a big IT park. These are some of the major reasons for the growth of real estate in this part of the state. Some of the best flats in Kerala can be found here.


Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and the official seat of the government rests there. As one of the largest cities in Kerala, the real estate scene has undergone a vast change in the last ten years. The presence of Technopark is a major reason for this jump in real estate sales. There are many young people from different parts of India looking to buy flats/apartments in Trivandrum. Investors are also showing more interest in the real estate sector of the city.


Calicut is a city that has the best institutions for higher education including the NIT, IIM, and the Medical College. The advent of major IT parks in the city has also hastened the development of world-class infrastructure development in the city. The top builders of Kerala have announced various villa projects in Calicut. These range from luxury flats to budget apartments .


Thrissur is known as the cultural capital of Kerala. It is the place where the famous Thrissur Pooram takes place every year and has many other landmarks that include ancient churches, temples, and mosques. There are many modern hospitals and medical and engineering colleges. Property prices in Thrissur are comparatively less than in Kochi or Calicut. This attracts both local and NRI investors.


As India’s first 100% literate district, Kottayam is famous for its educational institutions and good climate. Many builders offer flats in Kottayam for sale. Some of the best villas in Kerala can be found in Kottayam. Apartments in Kottayam range from budget flats to luxurious dwellings with world-class amenities.


These are the main hubs where the real estate sector flourishes in Kerala. However, the market is booming and guarantees a good return on investment.