Flats in Kannur

Culture, infrastructure growth and trade links with the rest of the state put Kannur, one of the most picturesque cities in North Kerala on the real estate map. It was once an important trading port dating back many centuries. Even to-date, you can see interesting features from long-gone eras that tell tales of European colonial forces as well as Kannur’s role in the ancient spice trade.

Modern Kannur, however, tells a different story – one that is more suitable to a developing city. It is of strategic importance as it houses Asia’s largest Naval Academy. Aside from the Indian Naval Academy, Kannur is also home to the Military Cantonment and is the headquarters of the Defence Security Corps. Additionally, approval has been received for building an Indian Coast Guard Academy here in Kannur. And with the Kannur International Airport due to commence functionality later this year, this city is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis.

Kannur is a culturally-rich city too and well known for its ritualistic folk arts and its loom industries. The city also has great colleges and hospitals and is fast becoming a city to reckon with. No wonder then that people are avidly looking for luxury apartments in Kannur as everyone wants a share of the pie.

All these developments in Kannur are harbingers of further growth in the city and elite builders like Malabar Developers aren’t far behind. Winterberry, the first offering from Malabar Developers in Kannur is fully sold out. The second apartment complex, Sea Willow, is ready to move in. Sea Willow is situated close to the historic landmarks and the Arabian Sea and will give you stunning views.

Seawillow Kannur
2 & 3 BHK Apartments | Completed | Kannur | Residential Project
Winterberry Kannur
Apartments in Kannur | Completed | Residential