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We believe in building a strong long lasting bond with our esteemed customers making their life comfortable from every aspect of living. Have a look at the wide variety of our home care services and be satisfied about the contented life you will lead in our apartments and villas forever.

Home Care Services

Remittance of utility bills

We ensure that your utility bills like maintenance charges, telephone, KSEB, taxes etc. are paid in time thereby gifting you a relaxed and hassle free life without any worries of interrupted service or penalty.


We render a complete housekeeping solution that will make your entire surroundings and living spaces spic and span. Enjoy a life with pollution free and environment friendly clean surroundings.

Maintenance works

Additional maintenance works like painting, plumbing etc. will be taken care by our home service department which is known for the quality and perfection in their profession.

Rental service

This is exclusively for those customers who wish to obtain a good return on investment from our properties through rents. Our home care department will provide the appropriate tenants and completing all agreements thereby saving the valuable time and money of our customers.


We will also arrange the resale of our apartments or villas, if our customers are interested in such a procedure.

After Sale Services

We believe that customer satisfaction is the focal point of building a strong everlasting relationship with our clients. Our after sales department is at the service of our customers to ensure their happiness even after the delivery of our projects. They will look on to the complaints from our customers after the project delivery and rectify it with the help of our engineering department. After sales service is exclusively available only to our completed projects.

Interior Design

The Art of designing your dream home with Style and Elegance Our design team reflects the personality of our valuable customers through creativity that depicts elevated style, soothing comfort and trendy ideas. Our innovative approach to the art of interior designing has resulted in the creation of living spaces that provide more aesthetic beauty per sq. ft. in our premium apartments and villas. Whether it is recreating the glorious tradition or inspired, cutting edge modernity, we take pride in crafting interiors that influence the way you live. To us, designing is a blissful experience which we pass on to our customers, making their life bloom with solace and happiness. With the exclusively professional approach of our design team we help you redefine the artistic beauty of your dream home.


Remoulding the pristine nature in a Charming way Our specialised landscape architects and designers beautify nature giving it an attractive visual appeal, blending harmoniously with the environment. We create comfortable, yet compelling spaces that responds amiably to the surroundings, complimenting the style and taste of our customers. Landscaping is an art and our team has mastered the craft so well that each of our landscaped area is a class in its own. Unique and creative solutions that honour the real spirit of nature makes us stand apart from our peers. Enjoy the beauty of an aesthetically crafted landscape that will bring magical delight to your life’s moments.