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2/3/4 BHK Apartments - Calicut - Ongoing - Residential Project

Where bold architecture meets nature

Are you looking for a great neighborhood, fresh green surroundings, connectivity and a cozy, exclusive residence amidst greenery? Royal Mulberry is the right home for you.

Key Highlights

  • Strategic location
  • World class amenities
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    Royal Mulberry is Located in Malaparamba, Providence College Road, Opposite to Pothens Bungalow

    Sq foot area

    1078 sq.ft. to 1986 Sq.ft. (100.22 – 184.60 sq.m)


    43 units of 2,3 and 4 BHK Apartments



    The Royal Mulberry blends the convenience of apartments into the backdrop of lush greenery.

    The project emerges among the lush greenery that surrounds the area, standing just off the main connecting road to the highway that leads to towns close to Kozhikode. The location hits the sweet spot between the convenience of being located close the highway while affording the privacy and peacefulness of a residential locality.

    The theme is carried further into the design of the apartments themselves, with smaller but significant architectural elements like French windows, landscaped gardens, and greenery growing on the outside walls. A rooftop track provides for a community space, while the French windows allow the resident to take in the clean fresh, green surroundings immediate to the vicinity of the project.

    The road on which the project sits leads to the Providence College, and many professors and teachers have settled in the locality.

    If you are looking to combine a great neighborhood, fresh green surroundings, connectivity and a cozy, exclusive residence amidst greenery, Royal Mulberry is the right place for you.

    • Swimming pool
    • Landscaped terrace
    • Air-conditioned gym
    • Recreation Area
    • Pool Table
    • Snooker Table
    • Chess Board
    • Deck Area

    Construction Status December 2018

    • Footing – Completed
    • Excavation – Completed
    • STP Side wall First Layer -Completed
    • STP Side wall Second Layer – Completed
    • Retaining wall footing Excavation – Completed
    • Basement Floor Retaining Wall – Completed
    • STP External wall waterproofing – Completed
    • Soak Pit work – Completed
    • Soil Refilling – Completed
    • Back-filling Excavation – 99% Completed
    • Back filing-retaining wall -95% Completed
    • STP Structural – 93% Completed
    • UG Sump – Completed
    • Retaining Wall(Boundary) – 35% Completed
    • STP Inside Water Proof- Completed

    Basement 1

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair LBF-UBF – Completed
    • Parapet – Completed

    Basement 2

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair LBF-UBF – Completed

    Ground Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Planter Box – Completed

    First Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Masonry – Completed
    • Electrical -80% Completed

    Second Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Masonry – Completed

    Third Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Masonry – 93% Completed

    Fourth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Masonry – 90% Completed

    Fifth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Curb for Masonry – 60% Completed

    Sixth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed
    • Masonry – 10% completed

    Seventh Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed

    Eighth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed

    Ninth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed

    Tenth Floor

    • Slab – Completed
    • Column – Completed
    • Stair – Completed

    Terrace Floor

    • Slab – 35% Completed
    • Column – 20 %Completed

    Mock Up

    • Masonry -Completed
    • Plastering -Completed
    • Electrical Wall Chasing – Completed
    • Plumbing – 50% Completed
    • Painting – 30% Completed
    • Handrail – 50% Completed
    • Electrical works – 30 % completed

    Construction Status October 2018

    Construction Status September 2018

    Construction Status August 2018


    Fine vitrified tiles selected with special detailing and crafted to delight you.
    Living/Dining : Vitrified 60x60 / Equivalent
    Bedrooms : Vitrified 60x60 / Equivalent
    Kitchen : Vitrified 60x60 / Equivalent
    Work Area : Vitrified 60x60 / Equivalent
    Balcony : Vitrified 60x60 / Equivalent
    Toilets – Floor : Anti- skid Ceramic / Equivalent
    Cladding : Porcelain / Equivalent


    Automation compatible electrical switches and panels with designs that leave you in awe.
    Switches : Legrand / MK / Equivalent


    Ravishing plush and high-end veneer doors for the rooms to keep you safe. Beautifully.
    Main Door : Designer Veneered Flush Door / Equivalent
    Internal Doors : Moulded Panel Doors / Equivalent
    Toilet Doors : Flush Doors / Equivalent


    Elegant sanitary filaments to add that glitter of beauty to the bathrooms.
    CP Fittings : Roca / Grohe / Equivalent - Mixer With Diverter
    Sanitary : Roca / Vitra / American Standard / Equivalent
    Type : Wall Hung With Concealed Cistern / Equivalent


    Painting walls into masterpieces with subtle strokes and textures.
    Wall : Putty + Emulsion
    Ceiling : Putty + Distemper
    External : Waterproof Emulsion
    Toilet Ceiling : Grid With Metal Ceiling


    Elegant French Windows for breathtaking view of the world around you.
    Ventilators : UPVC / Equivalent
    Door / Windows : UPVC / Equivalent


    Fully automatic high-speed elevators to lift your spirits
    Lift : Stainless Steel Door in Ground Floor, Stainless Steel Car - anti Scratch
    Lift Cladding : Vitrified Tiles / Equivalent


    Wide parking with dedicated parking for each home to keep the machines you love safe.
    Parking : VDF with Epoxy / Equivalent


    Step in to one of the most beautiful common area that is there, with our beautiful interiors, magnificent design and the roof so high above that you will feel as though you have entered a chapel.
    Beautifully crafted common areas like lobbies, hallways etc. to give your visitors a brief introduction to a paradise you call home.

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    Flats in Malaparamba

    Calicut is a coastal city in Kerala that throbs with a lively beat in tune with the natural beauty, traditions, and culture of this great city. Nestled in luxurious greenery in the land of coconuts, Calicut has much to offer the potential homebuyer.

    Also known as Kozhikode, Calicut imbibes the true multi-dimensional culture of a society that seamlessly blends traditions with contemporary living. Here you will find numerous upscale, affordable apartment homes for the discerning homebuyer. Check out the thoughtfully designed ongoing apartment project by Malabar Developers in Malaparamba that caters to the housing requirements of most people. These flats in Malaparamba offer 2, 3 & 4 BHK flats in a 10 storey building with built-up areas of 1470-1986 sq. ft. that showcase the thoughtful design concepts of these flats.

    Known as the ‘Royal Mulberry’, these apartments offer manicured green plants growing on the outer walls of the building as well as the terraces, pledging an ode to Mother Nature with this green canvas. Aside from this, these flats in Malaparamba also offer spaces for growing your own vegetable garden by virtue of the encircling French windows around the apartments. This way, you get an amazing skyline view along with great ventilation and oxygen-rich air.

    The Royal Mulberry flats in Malaparamba also come with an exciting assortment of world-class amenities that make this ongoing project stand out from its peers. Its ideal location in one of the most-happening streets of Calicut, the Florican Hill road, provides its residents with easy access to important places within the city. Life here ensures that you live cocooned in peace and tranquillity away from the pressures of the city center, yet close enough to connect easily.

    Do have a look at these affordable flats in Malaparamba while they are still available!

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