Why should you buy flats in Calicut?

Keralites always have a fascination for Calicut, the city which has nostalgic royal memories to share with the visitors. In the recent years, there has been a sharp rise in demand for buying flats in Calicut. One of the major reasons for this is the tremendous progress and development the city has been witnessing.

Nowadays, youth are more interested in buying flats in Calicut due to the increasing job opportunities as the IT boom has kick started in different parts of the city and the fact that Calicut offers delicious treat to the food lovers across the globe, makes it a favourite abode of both tourists and local community. Calicut, the artistic Shilpanagaram, will enliven your evenings and leisure time with its mesmerising beaches that will take you to a dream world. Buying flats in Calicut will be definitely an indulging luxury which can be realised with the premium apartments by Malabar Developers.

Malabar Developers, one of the most admired builders in Kerala, has an exclusive range of modern luxury flats in Calicut to those who wish to celebrate every moment of their life in unique style. Each home built by Malabar Developers has a story to tell – a tale of adding more life per square ft. of our flats in Calicut. You will definitely find the pleasure of grand living in the premium flats in Calicut built by Malabar Developers.
Grand Oak is one of the prominent Calicut flats designed and built by the expert and professional team at Malabar Developers. Architecture is the essence of every home that showcases the refined taste of the home dwellers. And we have taken special care to create Calicut flats that will take the owner on a ride of comfort and luxury.

Even though Grand Oak is located in the heart of Calicut, you still can enjoy an oasis of serenity and tranquillity in a beautifully designed environment. Stay closer to nature, yet with all the modern amenities in a place that is known for its peaceful and lovely people. The highlight of Malabar Developers’ flats in Calicut is its international architecture that spells class and style.

Everyone aspires to live in a home where you can relax and unwind effortlessly; and the luxurious flats in Calicut by Malabar Developers is the perfect choice. The natural beauty and peacefulness of Calicut when combined with the innovative amenities of Malabar Developers makes a beautiful home that will echo with laughter and joy of elated living.