Tips to Save Money While Buying an Apartment

save your money

Buying a dream home will most likely be the largest financial investment you make. And there are no shortcuts when it comes to such a huge decision. You have to do ample research and zero in on the properties that you are interested in. However, here are five tips to save money while investing in the apartment of your choice.

Find the best loan

It is ideal to buy a home with a home loan as it reduces the burden on the buyer. The slew of benefits including home loan rate cuts initiated by the Government comes to the aid of the home buyer. Look around for the best deals. If you have saved up for a home – it is ideal to look at paying more upfront and reducing the tenure of the loan from the normal 30 years to less.

Under construction properties

With RERA coming into effect, there is more transparency and accountability on the part of the builder towards finishing the project on time. Hence, if you are on a budget and shopping around for a home for the future, investing in an under-construction project will help you plan and save on some big bucks.

Be flexible

Do not go in with a preconceived notion. Look around, visit as many sites as possible before deciding on how many bedrooms you will require. Find out how much you could gain when you opt for bigger spaces. Collect the data and analyse how many bedrooms you will need.

Weigh the amenities

Do ample research on the kind of amenities that the apartment complex provides. Compare the flats that you have shortlisted. What are the free amenities that are on offer? Weigh in your options and settle for the best bet.

Broaden your search

Ask yourself a series of questions before you finalise on the property of your choice. Do you have to stay in the heart of the town and pay more for the location or would you prefer to move into a more comfortable home on the outskirts and save more? Apartments on the outskirts of city limits will have reasonably lower rates and with best-in-class amenities and deliver best ROI.

In short, think out everything before zeroing in on the project. At Malabar Developers we have classy homes that are situated in the heart of the city as well as some that are on the outskirts. Do your research and we will be glad to help you identify the projects that best suit your requirements and budget.