The Need for Apartments in Kottayam

The trend for homes has been changing over the last two decades with the result that apartments have covered the skylines of most cities. Kottayam is one such city in the southern state of Kerala that is seeing an increase in vertical homes too. Famous as the ‘Letter, Latex and Lakes’ capital of Kerala, Kottayam was the first 100% literate city in the country. It is known as the center of education and literacy and famous for its universities and colleges.

Though Kottayam is a comparatively smaller city, and there is enough land to expand horizontally, there is a growing demand for apartment homes here as people realize the benefits that go with apartment living. Here’s a look at some of the reasons why the need for apartment homes is going up in Kottayam:

Apartments in Kottayam - Malabar Developers

-The fact that apartments come in different BHK designs makes them flexible for all kind of family sizes. This makes sense as no one wants a full 3BHK villa home when the numbers of people living in it are limited to one or two! The 1BHK apartments make ideal first homes for bachelors and students while the 2BHK apartments are more suited for the young family. For those with growing kids or aging parents, a 3BHK or 4BHK is more appropriate.

-Location is another very important factor when it comes to buying apartment homes. Some parts of the city may have access to great infrastructure, but it’s too expensive to afford a villa or independent home there. In such a scenario, apartment homes are easier to buy in such desirable locations. It’s also easier to buy an apartment in the city center than to buy villas.

– Security is something every homeowner is concerned about. With gated community living in apartment complexes, 24×7 security is a given and the homeowner’s mind can be at peace.

-Another great thing about apartment living is in the number of amazing amenities that come with these homes. If you are going with the big brand builders, then you can be sure of availing of luxurious amenities that include swimming pools, AC gym, party hall, Kid’s Park, landscaped gardens, etc.

-Cost is another important factor when buying a home. Apartments cost less than villas and the homeowner doesn’t have to bother about maintenance and payment of utility bills as they are taken care of on home turf itself.

Malabar Developers have a magnificent apartment project here – ‘The Grand Maple’, which offers unencumbered lifestyles in distinguished homes.