Balancing Work from Home and Family

Jobs from Home

As the nationwide lockdown to contain and stop the spread of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic which came into effect since March 2020, many people who used to work in office spaces realized the existence of new workplace-their homes. To almost all, managing work from home and family is a challenge, and finding the right balance can be baffling.

According to a survey conducted by Malabar Developers to find out if it’s hard to balance work from home and the family affairs, a majority (53%) of respondents found it tough. Although others (47%) are now figuring out that it is possible to work remotely and stay productive while still being present for their families. It seems comfortable to work from home, but the fact of having to balance work responsibilities and family life at the same time can be arduous. These times are especially tough for working parents. Their dedicated work area will be occupied by toys as their children only know that mom and dad are home. They have to keep their kids active, cook, clean, get supplies from the grocery store, and essentially be super-humans while “Working from home.” And their ‘Work From Home’ and ‘Work For Home’ would have little to no difference. We know it’s a hard task balancing work from home and family. But before you get confused, here are some tips to help you manage work from home efficiently.

Create a Schedule

It’s necessary to line up your day thoroughly. How many hours of work do you have to put on that day? What are your tasks? When are you going to return those calls? And how will you keep your kids occupied during that time? These are all things that have to be kept in mind while planning to start the work for the day.

Keep your Children Entertained

Set aside some toys that your kids can play with during “your work hours.” Give them small tasks to keep them busy too.

Take benefit of naptime

If your child sleeps for half an hour or two, use this time to complete tasks that need your attention and concentration. Basically, you are taking advantage of the naptime for your child to remain productive while working from home.

One of the most effective precautionary measures suggested by Healthcare experts is social distancing and avoiding contact with people who exhibit symptoms. We know it’s a hard task balancing work from home and family. But for now, let’s stay home and stay safe.