5 Tips to Make ‘Work from Home’ Work for You


Working from Home Tips

Three weeks gone and still unsure about how many more weeks we may have to work from home as a part of the nationwide lockdown to #StopTheSpread of the deadly COVID 19 pandemic, we have, in a way come to accept that ‘work from home’ is a reality. While many of us accept this fact grudgingly, some have mastered the art and remain highly productive. Here are some simple tips on how to strike the correct work-life balance more effectively and productively while staying happy and healthy within your homes.

1) Define your workplace

First things first, DO NOT make your bed your workstation. Experts say that this reduces productivity and can also cause health issues. It is easy to carry your laptop around and do work from any place in your home. However, experts opine that you should ideally have a spot designated as the workplace. It could be your study or a portion of your bedroom or the living hall – it helps your brain associate that spot as your temporary office till the lockdown is over. This also allows to create a mental distance and relax even when you are done with work. The breezy and airy rooms at all the homes from Malabar Developers allow for ample space to set up a workspace.

2) Set a schedule

The best part of working from home is that you do not have to spend endless and stressful hours on the commute. This means you can sleep in a bit more in the morning or pace your work hours in such a way as to maximize your productivity. Create a to-do list the day before and don’t get distracted till you finish it. Of course, depending on the nature of your job, you will have to prioritize or set aside some time for ad-hoc requests that may crop up. However, working from home does not mean working all the time. This is where the workspace concept comes in. Once you are done for the day, leave your computer in the workspace and work only when you are in that spot. You should set aside some time for mental breaks just the way you would in office.

3) Connect with your team

You must connect with your team when you are working from home. Set up a regular meeting or conversations to ensure that work is going on without a glitch. Announce your availability and let your teammates know what you are working on and when you are done for the day so that they know that you should not be disturbed. If you are attending a video call with reduced bandwidth, dial into a video call, but get audio through your phones. This allows for better clarity during your conversations. If you are on a call from the phone, ensure that you just have that single video app working so that you are not disturbed. And once you are done for the day, remember to sign off from work completely.

4) Work-life balance

While your work is important, your family deserves your attention too. This lockdown period has given rise to a unique situation with the entire family having to spend a lot of time together. Involve your kids in your day to day activities. Give them chores and challenges or involve them in simple household activities, they will appreciate your attention and learn new things from you and the world around them.

5) Perspectives

A successful person is someone who finds opportunities when faced with challenges. Across the globe, people are staying in their homes. We at Malabar Developers, have envisaged our living spaces to be a unique world within a world. Ample spaces to exercise in the open, ample amenities to ensure social distancing while being connected to support each other emotionally, our homes give you the best sanctuaries to stay safe till these troubled times pass by.