Architecture for Better Homes

Architecture is the essence of every home, where each pencil stroke of the architect is translated into sophisticated beauty by the craftsmen. Creating a home should be more than just putting together bricks and mortar. It should also influence the lifestyle of its inhabitants and improve their quality of life.

Modern home designs offer the best features for contemporary living and follow the latest trends. Gone are the overused, antiquated, elaborate designs that aren’t so practical for modern living standards. The in-thing is to go with modern home designs that offer simplicity, functionality, and elegance. The beauty of these modern home designs lies in their unpretentious designs, lack of extra detailing and use of clean lines that are an appreciation of modern lifestyles.

Architecture for Better Homes - Malabar Developers

Modern home designs are increasingly being built around the concept of open-floor spaces that utilize every square footage of the area and come with large windows, with some being floor-to-ceiling length, to provide maximum usage of space. This is aside from their offering abundant natural light and panoramic vistas of the city – when used in apartments. The idea is to use the design elements in a simplistic manner, without long corridors or wall separations – elements that lead to space wastage.

Modern home designs use concrete, bricks, steel, and glass to provide minimalistic effects that go well with the local climate. Such contemporary home designs are also intelligent homes that utilize natural light and space efficiently by providing maximum living spaces along with storage areas and rooms with dual functionality.

Most modern home designs that we see today are inspired by the German Bauhaus style that offers simple and elegant linear lines which provide harmony and symmetry within modern homes and include abundant natural light and spacious communal areas. And when it comes time to buying your own apartment home, why not consider the Grand Oak apartments in Calicut in the evergreen state of Kerala – homes that offer more than just amazing views of green vistas.

Like the oak, the Grand Oak apartments are gracefully luxurious and built to last. Among the numerous defining features in these luxurious apartments are the large extended balconies that are basically an extension of the living spaces, by virtue of the exotic French windows. Here you can enjoy magnificent views of the horizon while cocooned in your personal comfort zone. The Grand Oak apartments also offer beautiful gardens, thus completing the desire to be close to nature.