5 Friendly Ideas to Decorate Your Walls

Wall Decor Ideas

Just moved into a new home? Or are you just looking for something new to deck up your walls – we have a small list of dramatic changes that could work for you! Go on, and personalize your home!

Create a photo wall

This works beautifully if you are starting from scratch or you want to redo a room! An oversized painting or photograph will command attention and set the tone in a small space. Or better still putting up photos of your favorite moments together. Nothing adds personality and color like a photo wall. Blow up your black and white photo and hang it up on a prominent wall in the house and see the difference it brings to your room! This can be simple, minimalistic, and yet classy!

Hang mirrors!

Mirrors are a must! Position it in such a way that it streams more light into your rooms. And it is a known fact that mirrors reflect light, helping a small space to feel bigger and brighter.

Bring in plants

Green spells calm. Bring in the greens and they add a dash of freshness to your home! Don’t restrict them to the window sill. Wall-mounted planters are in and trendy!

The writing on the wall

Since most of us are staying indoors, get creative, and convert a wall into a whiteboard. It is a functional addition to the office, kids room, or even the kitchen.

Creative wall storages

Short on space? Think vertically! Install hanging hooks for your umbrellas & bags. They are functional and chic. You can also have wall-mounted gardens inside your home!

At Malabar Developers, we understand your needs. We provide ample resources and suggestions to improve the look and feel of your living space when you invest in a Malabar Home.