Latest Interior Design Trends

Latest Interior Design Trends

Every year brings with it new trends and styles in interior design. While it’s your choice whether to go all the way or just make a few tweaks here and there to the interiors of your home, it is great to stay abreast of the latest trends and join the new fads.

This year’s trends bring in a whole array of new colors, accessories and designing styles. While shades of purple are the color of the year, flamboyant wallpapers are back along with interesting patterned ceilings and extravagant use of forest green, pine, sage and emerald shades. It’s all an effort to bring the outdoors inside, with houseplants being the in-thing as people are trying to reconnect with nature. Lots of green plants, green leafy prints and shades of green on the furnishing or walls create a comforting atmosphere for you to relax in.

With the world celebrating maximalism this year, pale colors are out and are being replaced with dark blues, eye-catching greens, and bronze, gold and terracotta being the new trend. They can be incorporated into your home in many ways including walls, ceilings, curtains, cushions, upholstery or even in art décor items.

Stone floors that look naturally aged and antique brown furniture are also making a comeback, creating an interesting look when woods of varying colors from different eras are mixed and matched together. Terrazzo flooring of the seventies has similarly rekindled interest in many, and is increasingly being implemented in the kitchen and bathroom.

The key to meshing together all these different materials in a cozy way is by using your imagination creatively. You are sure to wow your friends and neighbors with a judicious mix of clashing prints, colors and accessories. An array of clashing tones and textures of wallpapers, paints and furniture will ensure a maximalism effect and ensure an eye-catching home. Bold geometric prints are also everywhere this year. They look great on cushions, upholstery, curtains and even ceilings. The trick is to provide a plain background so that the prints can stand out.

And though it may sound slightly off-key, luxurious marble is very much a key trendsetter this year. You can incorporate it as table tops, floor tiling or kitchen counters. You could further increase its use by applying wallpapers that showcase a marbled print or have elegant dinnerware that has a marbled effect.

Ceilings are also in focus this year with block print painting or patterned wallpapers on the ceiling to create an amazing new look that doesn’t need anything else!