Which cities of Kerala are highly suitable for real estate Investment?


Which cities of Kerala are highly suitable for real estate Investment?

Kerala is witnessing rapid growth in the real estate sector and growing as a highly preferred tourism hub.  The developmental plans by the government and the growth of the IT sector, has also influenced the real estate trends in Kerala. Builders in Kerala are looking forward to a great investment from both locals and NRIs. 

The presence of many modern facilities has also increased the demand for apartments in Kerala over the years. Many cities in Kerala are a good option for investment. 


The list of the cities in Kerala that are ideal for property investment includes: 

  • Kochi

Kochi is the economic capital of the state and is also the most preferred destination among the prospective home buyers. Luxury apartments in Kochi have a huge demand these days. 

The access to the international air terminal, the metro and a well-connected network of roads and railways make Kochi more desirable for investors. They are on the lookout for apartments of any kind, 1 bhk flats in Kochi, 2 bhk flats in Kochi and luxury flats in Kochi are all seeing a rise in demand. 

  • Trivandrum

Trivandrum is the State capital of Kerala and the largest city in Kerala. Real estate trends in Trivandrum have witnessed a rapid phase of development over the past decade. More and more people are showing a keen interest in investing in the real estate sector in Trivandrum. 

Apart from being an educational hub the presence of Technopark, the increasing population and investors from across the country has also favoured real estate in here. 

  • Thrissur

While looking for flats in Kerala, Thrissur is another best option for you. It is one of the cleanest cities in Kerala and has lush natural beauty that it’s home to. It has a  close proximity to the economic capital, Kochi, and this is an aspect which prospective buyers consider for investing in properties in Thrissur. 

One can be assured that the flats in Thrissur are not priced high when compared to other top tier destinations. This draws more investors from across the State and NRIs too. 

  • Kottayam

Kottayam is considered as the literature capital of the state. It has many media and printing institutions with an array of educational institutions of national repute as well. It is a good option to invest in Kottayam. The climatic condition here is moderate and pleasant throughout the year. A well-defined transport network to Cochin and Thrissur adds value to investments made in real estate in this city.

  • Calicut

Calicut is a city that offers rich heritage and all the facilities for a modern easy living. This makes it a very desirable destination for real estate investors. The evolving urban scenario and quality housing makes an investment in property in Calicut very beneficial. 


Bottom Line

All these five locations are the much sorted out cities that the investment enthusiasts from across the country look forward to when buying flats in Kerala. 

There are numerous projects by Malabar Developers in all these cities which attract not just the locals of Kerala but also NRIs who seek to invest in their motherland.  

Are you also looking at investing in these thriving cities in Kerala? Come, invest in the most promising cities through us, as we are one of the most sorted and trusted builders in Kerala.