Vastu Decorative Items for Homes

After moving into your brand new home, the next exciting project is decorating it! And with Vastu being an ancient architectural science used for harnessing positive energy into your home, it’s a great idea to include some Vastu decorative items into your home decor. This is all more applicable in apartment homes whereas making every apartment Vastu-compliant has its own logistical limitations.

However, worry not as you won’t have to go in for architectural changes and renovations. By simply placing auspicious Vastu decorative items in key areas of your home, you can help in restoring happy and positive vibes into your home, bringing prosperity with it.

Vastu Decorative Items - Malabar Developers

Here is a short list of some of these items you can use to enhance your home’s ambiance as well as happiness levels:

Wind Chimes – The melodious sound of wind chimes encourages positivity and peace in homes and can be used for correcting the flow of energy. However, the placement of these chimes is important and relates to the material with which they are made. Metal wind chimes should be placed in the north, west or north-west and wooden chimes should be placed in east, south or south-east directions.

Laughing Buddha – These Buddha statues come in various designs and should be placed in the right directions. A laughing Buddha with gold coins should be kept facing the north-east. And if the statue is carrying a ‘wo lu’, then it should be placed facing the east. A laughing Buddha facing the northern direction is also best for prosperity. However, the best way of warding off negative energy is by placing the Buddha figure facing your front door.

Vastu Paintings – These paintings tend to affect every sphere of life and can be of waterfalls, flowing rivers, goldfish or seven running horses. Paintings representing endless roads and path attract great opportunities in life, so investing such decor items will not only beautify your home but also usher in prosperity.

Shri Meru Yantra – This is one of the best energizing tools for getting rid of negative influences and ushering in wealth and prosperity. And the best way to place the figure is by facing the west direction.

Fish Aquarium – Nurturing fishes at home is a great way of getting rid of negative ‘Vastu Doshas’ from your home. Aside from aquariums making great Vastu decoration items, research has shown that the presence of aquariums at home tends to reduce stress and anxiety while inculcating a sense of peace in the family.

Other ways of attracting peace include waterfalls, fresh flowers, etc.