Trends in flooring your apartment

Flooring is an important need for any apartment. It not only gives a facelift for your home but it also provides a personality. Now there are several different options available at your disposal. So how can we use these choices for the betterment of our apartments? Read on to find out more about it.

Trends in flooring-

Go solid with concrete –

Yes, you read it right.Concrete flooring is in.Well -finished mundane shaded concrete is the new sheriff in town. This kind of flooring will give your apartment a vintage look and add a prehistoric texture to your apartment’s atmosphere. But walking over them might not be a cup of tea.Fair warning!

T for Tile –

Ceramic Tiles are the most commonly sorted flooring material used in our times. They come in various shapes and clad the apartment with pure gorgeousness. Tiles are also the cheapest among the lot and comes in various shapes.If you are walking the budget tightrope then we would recommend going for tiles.

Comfortable Cork-

If you want a soothing, soundless floor then go for cork flooring. But be wary of its ability to take in even the minute form of dust. Cork flooring can also be damaged by moisture.

Classic wood –

Wood flooring is usually used to give your room a classic look.It also gives a structural stability to your room. Lamanite wood is the most preferred one amongst a wide range available.

Nature-friendly bamboo-

Bamboo has been used for  a variety of uses from olden times. They were used to make homes, makeshift boats among others.Now machine treated bamboo is being used for flooring homes.The processed bamboo fibers will give your floor more strength and serves as an equivalent for wood.

Carpet magic

Spread some matching carpets that could keep your apartment spunky. Carpets can be arranged, re-arranged or completely removed with your desire. They are incredibly soft and fibers are densely made.

Luxury Vinyl-

The term “Luxury Vinyl” is an oxymoron. Luxury and vinyl don’t go hand in hand, but when it comes to flooring they are one of the best available flooring option available.It combines the properties of hardwood and vinyl.Experts say this format will be largely explored in the near future.

These are some of the options that you should definitly look into before flooring your home.