There is no rule which says that the kitchen is a room reserved for cooking. A kitchen is a place for everything.

When we create a kitchen for our homes, our minds get clouded with billion ideas. There are times where we could be equally clueless about what to do as well. Some of the major questions to be thought about while designing your dream kitchen are:

  • Is there enough storage?
  • Where will you put the appliances?
  • Has the right lighting been chosen?
  • Does the design suit you and your family?

The most important factors  to consider while setting up a kitchen are  the light, comfort and simplicity of the kitchen. However, a few tweaks in the traditional design and a dash of style can inject a whole new level of class to your cooking space. This when paired with simple cabinetry would aid in giving an illusion of grandeur.

Besides this, many people prefer a kitchen style that has a utilitarian functionality of the space without compromising on the style. A hue of minimalism can make your kitchen space feel airy, bright and practical.

However, if you are a lover of elegance and sophistication, you can choose to add a hint of black to the mellow charms of wood with tiles, vintage sink and open shelves in the pantry.

Typically kitchens can turn out to be    cold spaces, but they can turn out to be wonderfully old-fashioned with surprisingly fresh looks. But if you are the urban chic kind, you can create a sleek and urban look with a unique blend of metal, concrete and wood.

In your cooking room, you can make the overall ambience of the room look light-hearted and theatrical by using rich woods in clean shapes, dark shades and burnished surfaces. This also adds up to the warm side of modern style.

It is hard to create an elegant kitchen in a small space, but with the right planning , the task would be child’s play.

A kitchen should be practical and welcoming, regardless of the size. Give your kitchen’s decor a homely feel with antique-looking cabinets, bronze-coloured hardware and hospital-styled drawers.

If you ask the ladies of the house, many would stick to the opinion that the kitchen is the heart of the home, a space that inspires them and a lot more. Their love for the kitchen depends mainly on how much it can be personalized to their tastes. Go on, make your kitchen palatial for you!