Tips to furnish your first home

At last your dream has been realised, you can now move into the dreamy space entirely reserved for you and your dear ones – It is your first home, your long cherished dream for which you have been hardworking so long. Moreover, if your first home is a luxury apartment, then it is really an achievement worth complimenting. Moving into your first home is really a turning point and a liberating experience of your life and it can be considered as a momentous occasion.

Choosing your first luxury home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life. Firstly, you have to choose an area, a reputed builder, and then a premium home that could accommodate you and your family comfortably and elegantly for the coming years.  After this big, time consuming and exhilarating process, you are invited into a bare house with minimum accessories. You may have a variety of creative ideas to furnish it and decorate it reflecting your personal style and taste. As this is your first luxury home these tips will help you in furnishing it.

Begin with neutrals

One of the clever decisions is to use the neutral palate when it comes to furnish your home. If you choose blacks and whites as well as everything in between, then it will be a good initial decision. Neutral tones pair beautifully with a dash of colour in elements such as floor rugs or cushions in the coming years.

Make Lists

Furnishing your first home is a time consuming task and it needs detailed budgeting and planning. Make a list in which you can write all the items you currently own, all the items you need to buy and also a wish list of all the things that you would simply adore to have in your home in the future.

Buy quality bed and bedding

Your bed is the one thing you may not like to change for years as you have planned to settle down. So invest in a quality bed and bedding sets that are durable and will stay for long.

Make a budget

As you have already made a list to buy things, it is wise to make a budget. While making a budget the most important thing to remember is to stick to the budget. Buy the furniture, decorative items and other furnishing materials without going off the budget that you have made.

Analyse your room dimensions before purchasing furniture

Most people think that they know the exact dimensions of their room and buy furniture that will not fit perfectly inside the room. So before purchasing furniture, you should know your room dimensions.

Don’t buy everything immediately

At the first purchase, you should buy only those things that are essential for your luxury home. But, if you are getting all the room’s furniture at great discounts, then you can go crazy. The wise decision is to settle down first and buy the rest of things as the need for them evolves.


Choose paint colours that reflect your personality and that bring to life your rooms. It will really make an impression on the guests and friends. If you have not reached a decision of how to decorate your first home, then you can opt for mix and match theme. It is a great decorative tip to make your rooms attractive.

The last and most important thing to remember is to just relax in the vast space of freedom provided by your first luxury home. Celebrate your memorable moment and enjoy the warmth as well as comfort of your first home with family.