Tips to clean your Apartment during this coronavirus period

Apartment Cleaning

The need of the hour is to keep the novel Coronavirus out of our houses! While we may follow the strict SMS (Social Distancing, Mask, and Sanitizing) regime set down by the authorities to #StopTheSpread of the novel Coronavirus when we step out, here are some tips to ensure that it stays out!

Clean regularly

Deliberate cleaning and disinfecting take the top priority. Remember to clean your home religiously every single day. Give special attention and priority to frequently touched surfaces including doorknobs, light switches, remotes, toilets, and sinks. Clean these areas as often as you can and as thoroughly as you can.

What should I use to clean & disinfect?

For the hard surfaces, you can use regular soap and water or any surface cleaning products you can buy off the store shelf. When it comes to disinfecting the surfaces, you can use alcohol-based disinfectants on hard surfaces. Remember to do laundry and clean the bedsheets, and curtains as frequently as you can.

Care for the deliveries

Coronavirus, it is found, can hang on to certain surfaces for a long period of time. The cardboard boxes and cotton bags are said to be highly prone surfaces. It is ideal to disinfect any package or parcel that comes to your home just to be on the safer side. Ensure you practice social distancing with the delivery staff. The parcels should be disinfected outside the home. However, food containers, they say, do not fall into this category. Practice caution.

Disinfect your devices

Your devices may be keeping you sane during this lockdown period, however, it is important that you disinfect these too. Invest in some disinfecting wipes and be careful of how you clean them.

Wash your hands

There is no getting away from this mantra. Wash your hands regularly, if you do not have access to soap and water use the sanitizer. Wash your hands before leaving your home and before entering it. Wash your hands clean before you touch any surface and start a cleanup procedure.

At Malabar Developers, we ensure that the common areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Stay safe at your Malabar Developers’ home.