Tips to adorn your living room with a stylish bookcase

Books open up a fantastic world of dreams and ideas as experienced by the book lovers everywhere. So why not cast the magic spell of books in your living room and add another charming accessory to your premium home?

A perfectly styled book case can function as a design element that incorporates personality, warmth and elegance into your home décor. Contrary to the popular belief more design elements are embedded in a book case than piling up books in a shelf. The following tips will help you to create an aesthetic book case that will attract admiration.

If you are a person who loves simplicity, then you will simply adore to arrange your books vertically in the order of their size, colour or topics. And if you hate the vertical order of books and consider it to be too repetitive as well as ordinary, then you can break the vertical design of the book stack with horizontal stacks. In some of the stacks you can display accessories, photos or curios highlighting creativity.

It is not necessary to arrange books in a specific order, it seems too mechanical. Books can be placed in different directions. They can be grouped into a small pile and they can be arranged horizontally as well as vertically which is visually appealing than the repetitive straight line up of books.

Each shelf can be considered as a single display unit that talks in volumes about your personality. Reveal your travel wanderings by arranging books related to that category in one shelf while other can talk about your fondness for romantic stories.

You can bring a vintage look to your book case by adding old books with leather bound or worn out cover pages. This will make your book case appear visually interesting, colouring your living room with the old world charm. Add a funky twist to the design element by showing a book with its pages popping out.

Book cases are not the only places to showcase your love for books. Coffee tables, Side tables, bedside tables etc. are also best places for books, the best friends of man. Any accessory that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the luxury home is acceptable. So spruce up the liveliness of your living room with a creatively arranged book case.