Tips for decorating an Apartment with kids

Living in an apartment with your kids might create challenges for ensuring a living environment which is kid-friendly and at the same time suitable for adults as well. You might have a tiny apartment and your kids might have loads of toys which may be too many in number or too big to fit in your apartment. Needles to say, new clothes would stream in and old clothes need to be moved out. So is the case with books and electronics.

Here in this post, we have collected some really cool yet simple ways for designing a kid’s room in your apartment. Have a look!

  • Safety of your loved ones:

While decorating your apartment with kids, safety must be your top priority, particularly for toddlers and infants. Safety locks and bolts are necessary when you have kids at home. They would not disturb the decor of your living space but will offer added protection to the drawers and cabinets containing items which are harmful to your kids. It is advisable to use clear plastic plugs that blend with all kinds of décor for covering idle electrical outlets.

  • Use Space-Saving Furniture

The first thing to look for when designing your kid’s room is the furniture in your apartment. You must avoid all the bulky, space-consuming and unproductive furniture. Check out for functional and space-saving furniture. Beds which have built in drawers and shelves below the mattress could offer extra storage space that does not consume extra floor space.

  • Storage Requirements

Storage is an important requirement when decorating your apartment with kids and this could also add a designer touch to make your living space look elegant. Use floating tables and shelves in your kid’s rooms for holding items like books, stuffed animals, dresses, etc. It is also a great idea to paint their shelves with their preferred colors or use floral or other patterned fabric for lining their shelves which will add fun and amusement in your kid’s room. You can also use the under-the-bed storage space for keeping seasonal clothing such as blankets, warm clothes etc..

  • Home Work Area

Kid’s can easily get prone to be bored while doing homework, especially if they do not have a proper work space. When you set up a home work space, it should be distraction free well equipped with desk, chair and school supplies. U can use your creativity here. Find your kid’s favorite cartoon characters or musicians and paste pictures in the room. Also some quotes which gives them inspiration to study. Lighting should be perfect and make sure that room has enough air circulation.

  • Display your toys

After all, toys are what kids love the most at their age. Use your walls to display soft toys use tiny shelves to arrange them. You can even use hooks to hang cute hats and their favorite superhero toys!.

  • Make use of a trunk!

Sometimes the number of toys can be too many to store just inside your kid’s room. A trunk is a great idea to store all the toys. You can also paint the trunk in bright colors to make it look attractive!