Tips and Tricks for Landscaping

The front yard and back yard are the showpieces of your villas and needs to be tended to, to make them look attractive at all times. It is your sanctuary for relaxation, entertainment and literally defines the entire look of your house in one glance. Whether you are looking for a boost in the greens or creating a point of attention, or creating fences, here are some cheat codes that you may choose to follow to achieve the landscape of your dreams.

Tip 1: Draw out a rough sketch of what you have in mind, on paper. Your ideas on paper could help you build the landscape you want easily. Moreover, it provides a bird’s eye view of the overall landscaping project, which can later be implemented in a step by step order. If you find it difficult in making your decision on what all aspects to include in your landscape, consider hiring a pro, at least for the planning section. A designer would be able to carve out brilliant options that you may not even think of in the initial stages.

Tip 2: Try answering the following basic questions during the planning stage. What do you want your lawn to function as – a play area for your kids, or a space to grow a vegetable or floral garden, a space for family gatherings? Sit together with your family and a designer to play around with ideas for the same.

Tip 3: Study the climatic patterns in your region. If you have your house built in an area that gets a lot of sun, then you might consider having some trees that provide ample amount of shade in your lawn. If it is a windy area, consider building your fire place in an area away from the reaches of the lawn. Your layout for the landscape should consider what the sun, winds and rains do at different parts of the year.

Tip 4: Start small. Work on something like a flower bed initially. Work on it for an hour or two when you have the time. Consider going for a variety of colourful florals to add a dash of colour amongst the greens in your lawn. Do not get it overdone. Do leave some amount of free space with just a lush green carpet. Go by the 80-20 principle where 80% attributes to the amount of free space in your lawn while 20% goes to your gardening project.

Tip 5: Create a point of focus in your lawn. You may opt for a sculpture, a small water space or a fountain, or simply a huge piece of rock that diverts the viewer’s attention if you have too much of empty space in your lawn.

Always take time and have patience while creating your landscape. Remember that large landscaping features such as trees can be hard to move, so think twice about the spot before planting one.