The top legal aspects of buying a property

The top legal aspects of buying a property


Real estate investments are generally considered the safest and most beneficial long-term investment option. Land has always been a valuable asset. For someone who has never forayed into this sector before, buying a property can be an overwhelming affair. Before you make a purchase decision, always choose to rely on the top builders in Kerala

For instance, for someone who has been desperately looking through the ads for villas in Kozhikode for sale, because his much-awaited dream was to own a villa or home in Kozhikode, he mustn’t rush into things but should be cautious about each aspect, especially the legal ones. 

Investing in property might call for your savings of a lifetime. Hence, it is essential to understand the legal aspects of buying a property for a hassle-free transaction.

Listed below are the top legal aspects of buying a property.


  • Verification of the Title Deed

The title deed is the most crucial document that legitimizes the ownership of the property. The sale of a property will not happen unless the title deed is free of any defects or shortcomings. 

The title deed will be available at the Sub-registrar’s office for verification of the legal status of the property. 

So, next time you choose your home from the luxury villas in Trivandrum, Kochi, or any part of Kerala, you must verify the title deed. You must physically check the document under the builder’s or landowner’s custody to ensure that the property is not pledged.

The title should be free of disputes and must ascertain that the builder owns the property completely. 


  • Obtain Property Tax Receipts

Payment of land tax on the property every financial year ensures the correct extent, nature, and title of the land. Hence, reviewing the land tax receipt is essential. The builder should pay all the property taxes before the sale of the property, and failing to do so will make you liable to pay the same. 

Thus, ensure that all the taxes are taken care of by the builder before you set off to purchase a villa project in Calicut or any part of Kerala. The details can be obtained from the sub-registrar. 


  • Verify the Encumbrance Certificate.

The property that you are looking forward to buying should be free of any legal disputes and dues. Contacting the Sub-registrar’s office will help to learn more about the legal history of the property.

You can request an encumbrance certificate, which is a document issued by the Sub-Registrar that reflects the encumbrance on the property.

This certificate will have details about all the registered legal dues and transactions. 

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  • A Conversion Certificate or KLU Certificate for Converted Land

A conversion certificate and a no-objection certificate (NOC) are mandatory to commence construction on agricultural land. These are documents that are sanctioned for the conversion of agricultural land for residential purposes.

Irrespective of the place where you are looking for villas, be it in Calicut, Kochi, or elsewhere, you must ensure that the property you are buying is not constructed illegally without the issue of a NOC and a conversion certificate from the planning authorities.


  • Check for RERA Registration

From January 2020, all real estate developers are bound to register their ongoing and upcoming projects under the RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority) Act. This ensures that the projects are in line with the current building regulations and laws. 

So, before buying a new property, always check and verify the RERA registration number. All ongoing projects should be registered under RERA, mandatorily. So, don’t just blindly go by ads such as “villas in Trivandrum for sale.” Instead, check and cross-check every legal aspect. 

Top and reliable builders like Malabar Developers always abide by the complete legal formalities and even market the properties only after getting their RERA registration. 


To Sum Up

Some of the major legal considerations that you should bear in mind before purchasing a home have already been mentioned. In addition to this, a clear legal report from the builder could be prepared, which includes a complete legal checklist and a report on pending documents, if any. 

As you plan your search for villas in Kerala, keep in mind that this legal checklist will be of help. Reputable builders like us will lessen your burden and ensure that all the necessary legal documents and clearances are obtained from the authorities. For any help, we are only a phone call away.