The Best Colours for your Room

Colours define everything. In fact they act as a magnet of attraction, a beacon for love and a fluid for expressing our desires. So choosing the best colours for your apartments matter a lot and sometimes due to the sheer number of choices available, we obviously might get perplexed just by browsing the colour palettes. So here I intend to give you a crash course on how to use colours.

Choose the room – A colour will only be good enough if the rooms look great from an architectural standpoint. So choose the rooms which you really want to work on.

Don’t choose colours blindfolded– Each colour has a deep psychological as well as physiological experience for its user. They can make you fall in love, or fall in sleep, make you hungry or give you peace of mind. So don’t choose them if you don’t know them.

Colours & their effects

Red – raises the whole energy of the room. It’s intense and pumps in more adrenaline. Restaurants use them all the time to increase their customer’s appetite.

Yellow – gestures happiness and love. It will work well in your kitchen, bathroom and dining rooms. The colour is uplifting and truly inspiring.

Blue – will provide a soothing colour and will lower your blood pressure and give you good respiration. Try them in your living room or bedroom to feel this experience.

Green – It induces serenity and gives you a sense of closeness to your home. Green can also be used a stress buster and provide relaxation for your brain.

Orange – It invokes energy and enthusiasm. Usually used in gyms and fitness centres.