Residential Areas in Calicut

The new trend for people wanting to settle down in the beautiful green state of Kerala is to choose Calicut as their home base. This coastal city has an interesting history going back many centuries and is surrounded by the blue-greens of the Arabian Sea on one side and the verdant greenery of the Western Ghats on the other.

It was here that the Portuguese explorer Vasco Da Gama first landed in Kerala in 1498 and changed the history of the region forever. While he opened up a great spice trading route, he also brought in European colonization, with the rest being history.

Residential Areas in Calicut - Malabar Developers

Aside from the diverse natural beauty of Calicut, it’s also a rapidly-expanding city with much to offer its residents in the form of job opportunities, businesses, excellent infrastructure, premier educational institutions, and multi-specialty hospitals. All these reasons and more make Calicut a great place to invest in real estate.

While living in the throbbing city center sounds exciting as every facility is within walking distance, the current trend now, however, is to live in suburban areas that can afford you more peace, lower pollution levels as well as more spacious homes. This trend has made many prestigious builders, including Malabar Developers, to offer landmark projects that include both spacious villas as well as classy apartment homes in areas that are within a short driving distance from the city center.

Currently, locations like Malaparamba, Peruvayal, K.P. Chandran Road and Jawahar Nagar Avenue Road are witnessing a lot of construction and are great as residential hubs. They offer a short easy drive to all important parts of the city aside from offering an improved ambience to the homeowners here. Malabar Developers have a number of luxurious villa and apartment projects in some of these fine residential areas in Calicut.

Another feature of big cities is that road junctions offer important infrastructures and facilities. Hence residences built around these road junctions feature homes by some of the best builders. The Thondayad junction, Medical College junction, Erinjapalam junction, Kuttikkattoor junction, and Meenchanda junction areas offer some of the best residential areas in Calicut.

What’s more, you will find a magnificent project in all these prime areas by esteemed builders like Malabar Developers. Some of these innovatively-designed residential projects include the Palm Royale, Bamboo Park, Montana Estates, Royal Mangrove, Grand Oak, Royal Empress, and the Silver Linden, to name a few.

As of now, property costs in these areas are comparatively better priced, so why not take a look while they are still affordable!