Kottayam – The Grand Destination for a Joyous Life

Kottayam, known as the City of Alphabets, is noted for its cosmopolitan ambience and enthralling natural beauty, making it the perfect choice for settle in. The waves of infrastructural development happening in other parts of Kerala have crept into the land of letters, latex and lakes too

Over the years, more people are interested to buy flats in Kottayam, the place where modernity and tradition coexist in perfect harmony. Kottayam is one of the best places in Kerala, where one can afford to buy flats without burning your pockets. With more developments in the anvil, the city will soon emerge as the most prominent town of Kerala and an investment in Kottayam will prove to be lucrative in the days to come.

Kottayam town, with its value based sophisticated society and rich cultural heritage, has created a unique position of its own in the real estate map of Kerala. Flats in Kottayam are blessed with best in class infrastructure and state-of-the-art amenities that will make your investment profitable. In Kottayam, one may not find many shopping malls like Cochin or delicious eateries like Calicut; yet the natural charm and peaceful life of Kottayam makes the city stand out from other cities in the state. The educational facilities in Kottayam that are on par with the international standards will prove to be the best place for the education of your kids.

Nature can be seen in its most beautiful appearance at Kottayam with graceful accessories like winding lakes and majestic hills. This makes the life at flats in Kottayam a fulfilling experience. Flats in Kottayam will provide you with more comfort and convenience, gifting you a life full of happiness and joy. Moreover, many of the alluring tourist spots like Kumarakom, Ilveezha Poonchira and Vaikom are located in Kottayam town where you can unwind in the refreshing nature.

Malabar Developers, a prestigious builder in Kerala, will turn your life in the city of letters into a memorable affair with its luxury flats in Kottayam. Life in Grand Maple, one of the prestigious flats in Kottayam, is really an admirable experience bringing life to your dream home in the grandest style.

Grand maple is a residential address which will be vied for possession by the most discerning section of the society as it is one of the top rated project among flats in Kottayam. Grand Maple is a distinguished home that has been conveniently located in the heart of the city of letters where you can enjoy the aesthetically planned environment. Enjoy a soulful living experience by owning flats in Kottayam.