Key Points to consider before buying a flat.

Key Points to consider before buying a flat

There are a lot of things that need to be considered before you settle into buying a flat in your dream location. Let us go through a few important things that you need to keep in mind when you are out looking for a beautiful flat of your own.

Cost and pricing

You will need to cut down the list of flats in an area, say, flats in Calicut. The list would come down by a lot if you know how much you want to spend or invest into buying the flat. This would make choosing a flat easier for you. You will be much more comfortable choosing since all of the flats will fall in your price range.

The total area of the flat

The total area also known as the carpet area of the flat is an important aspect. For example, different flats in Kottayam have differences in carpet area even though they are termed commonly as 2BHK or 3BHK. Knowing the space you get for your money is always worth knowing.

Land inspection

Know about the land that the apartments have been built on. It is good to know what you are getting in terms of the quality of land, location, and topography of the area. Also knowing about the pricing depending on such terms will allow you to get a much better deal. A good number of flats in Cochin are built on a good topography of the land in case you were looking for a location.

Legal Aspects

You need to thoroughly check the legal documents pertaining to the apartments. Since the investment involved is pretty big, it is better to have a complete checkup of anything and everything lest anything should go wrong. Hiring a legal professional would further decrease the possibility of any kidnaps happening in the long run.

Make sure that all the documents are original and not forged. Looking up government websites for listings would be a good way to confirm or remove any doubts.


The location of the flat is very important and it has a massive effect on the pricing. The number of services and amenities present in close quarters of the apartment set its price in almost every single place. For example, flats in Trivandrum are higher priced when close to the city center while the ones on the outskirts of the city are priced a lot lower. Hence, Would you like to have the peace and serenity of the outskirts or the up close services at the center? Choose wisely.


Finally, you need to know what banks in your vicinity provide the best interest rates on home loans. Also, the shorter the term of the loan, the lesser the interest. If you already have a home on sale, you could take a home loan for a short period of time to buy your flat. This will get you enough time to sell your house and pay back the loan while effortlessly moving into your new home.