Important qualities that define a luxury home

People always dream of owning a luxury home as it pampers one’s life with all the delightful amenities taking comfort to the next level. More than a status symbol, luxury home has now turned out to be a necessity where one can enjoy all the comforts of the world within the four walls of the dream home.  In our country the term luxury project has been misused as every mediocre project is been addressed as a luxury property. To be called as a luxury home there are certain defining qualities and we are here explaining the basic characteristics of one so that it would be easier for a buyer to choose the right one.


The important quality classifying a luxury home is the vast space it embraces from within and to qualify as a luxury home, the property needs to be 3BHK or 2BHK with attached washrooms and balconies. A large hall, a dining room, an expansive kitchen all will form the integral part of a luxury apartment. The recent additions to a luxury residential unit is a store room and a servant’s room.


Location is the key part of a luxury project and it should be placed well enough in the heart of the city with all the conveniences easily approachable. It can also be located near the major tourist attractions making your leisure times enjoyable. All the major luxury projects of Malabar Developers are placed in the most desired locations of Kerala.


Elevators form an inevitable part of a luxury apartment as big, spacious and good carrying capacity ones are necessary for the apartment complex to be defined as a luxury residential property.


State of the art modern security facilities are a must have for the luxury house along with round the clock human security service. Electronic surveillance units should be installed in every prominent areas of the property.

These are some of the essential features of a luxury home and they will help you to buy the right luxury home without losing your hard earned money. The demand for luxury properties is on the rise in the market and more property developers are coming up with technological innovations that can be adapted to a luxury home. From this we can come to the conclusion that the future of luxury apartments are bright and promising.