How to paint a perfect coat of paint by yourself?

Uplifting the colour palate of your home is one of the most entertaining and enjoyable things you can do to productively use your time. Painting all by yourself could be a very satisfying process and lot of fun as it is one of those things which could totally renovate your living space quickly. Moreover, painting your space all by self is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate an otherwise dull room. Do you think its a tough job to do? Painting might not be a piece of cake for beginners, but hey! It’s not rocket science as well! All you need is some basic level of understanding, proper preparation and techniques before you start off, and you can bring out awesome results just like professionals!

For getting it right,  here are some cool handy tips which would definitely help you out while DIY painting!

  1. Plan it well!

Ofcourse, before you do anything, make a well developed plan. Do not just do it for the love of painting. You need to carefully design a method and know where exactly to start and get it done. Take a day for prep works. Move all your furniture to a safe place and cover them with a long sheet.

Always remember to start off from the ceiling and then the walls.

  1. Prep the Walls

Organize your walls by fixing all the major cracks and filling all the holes. Ensure to sand and prime all the patched sections for ensuring that your painting efforts do not turn blotchy.

Sand your walls lightly for ensuring better adhesion of the new paint. Then wash the walls thoroughly and dry them out to get the best of the adhesion possible.

  1. Find the right materials to paint the trims

For painting the trims, first, use the sponge sander for sanding the trims wipe clean and apply the first coat of paint. Allow it to dry for at least 24 hours, then sand lightly again wipes clean, vacuum and apply your second coat of paint, it will provide a nice even finish. Allow it to dry for again for at least 24 hours.

After the trims are dry you could tape them with the help of an easy release painter’s tape.

  1. Use the Paint Brush and Paint Roller

For getting a nice finish on the corners and edges, paint first using a paint brush and then immediately smooth it over with help of a roller. Use a 12 inch roller that matches with the paint you want. Remember not to overload the roller with paint!

  1. The Final Touch

Wait for the paint to dry out for at 24 hours before getting rid of the painter’s tape, however, as it would form a layer that could remove part of newly applied paint it is better to cut the edges with the help of a knife prior to removing the tape.

And there you have it! A beautifully painted room!