How to make your guest bedroom appealing for your guests

There’s no better feeling while traveling than coming back to where you are staying and sinking into a beautiful, comfortable room. It’s the icing on top of the cake as far as a good vacation goes.  Create a room that your guests will want to come home to every day and want to come back to over time. It will make your guests incredibly happy, which will in turn make you one happy host. And for this, we have some tips for you.

Tip 1: Never use your Guest Bedroom as a room for your stuff!

Clear off all the wardrobes and drawers to another room that truly belongs to you. Always remember that the guest bedroom is solely for the guests you have to receive and not a storehouse for stacks of papers or old clothing.

Tip 2: Get a comfy bed

The tip to a great and appealing guest room is a comfortable and inviting bed. Make the bed the centre-piece of the room that guests will want to dive into – add plenty of cushions for comfort and coziness. Ensure that you use fresh looking sheets, pillows and cushions for the bed. Do not forget a lush and warm blanket to keep your guests warm and comfortable. A pro tip from us, try using white sheets and covers for the bed along with a textured and pretty blanket to add colour to the space.

Tip 3: A spacious bathroom

Offer a relaxing space for your guests to freshen up. Use bright and inviting coloured tiles while working on the guest bathroom. Also, do not forget the bath accessories and fresh towels.

Tip 4: Throw in a touch of nature

Open up all the windows and allow fresh air to circulate throughout the room. Add a personalized touch of nature with a choice of fresh flowers by the bed side table. You can also add a table lamp that adds to the warmth of the room.


Tip 5: Invest in Wall Art & Furniture

Decorate your guest bedroom with minimalistic art pieces that add to the luxurious ambience of the room. If there is enough space for you to add a comfy chair in the corner of the room, your guest would feel nice to spend time in their room without having to be tucked in bed all day long.

Tip 6: Wi-Fi Password

Now a days everyone needs Wi-Fi while they are out and about. Since you already know that your guest will be needing the Wi-Fi password for their smartphone, laptop, or tablet while they stay with you, provide it for them before they even ask! Display it in a cute frame so that it’s permanently in your guest bedroom and you never have to worry about providing it again for future guests. It will always be ready to go.

Tip 6: Reading Materials

Add a few good books or magazines or newspapers on the teapoy so that your guest would always be engaged even while in the room.

Tip 7: Clock

Always provide a functional clock in your guest bedroom so that your guests can not only know the time it is, while in the room, but also set an alarm if they need to.

Tip 8: Add a Mirror to the Dressing Table

While dressing up, your guests would definitely look for mirrors. So if you provide them as a host, it would be great! Hang a medium sized mirror on the wall for them to gaze into while dressing up.

So now you know what to do to give your guests the time of their lives while staying at your place.