How to keep your home cool in summer?

Hot summer months are really a nightmare for Keralites owing to the immense heat and many people believe that this uncomfortable summer months can’t be survived without the air conditioners. But this is neither an environment friendly nor a healthy option to breathe the dry air pushed out by air conditioners. Here are the best natural ways to keep your home cool in summer which will definitely refresh your body and mind.

Aluminized curtains or insulated blinds can be used for windows and you can also drape sheets all over the exterior. These exterior curtains will keep the hot rays and sun’s heat away, allowing the cool breeze to enter your luxury home.

You can also leave a few windows open after the sunset which will allow the cool night air to circulate in the house. As soon as the sun hits your house, it is advisory to shut all the doors and windows. As incandescent light bulbs create much heat, you can switch over to fluorescents or LEDs. If you are not using computers or lamps, it is better to turn off them. Similar is the case with television and plug in power adapters which emits a lot of heat.

Use smooth white linen to cover the beds and upholsteries as it will reflect the heat due to its light colour and will give an impression of coolness. Cross ventilating is another choice to keep your home cool during the hot months of March, April and May. As the air moves from high pressure areas to low pressure areas, by keeping open the windows of both sides, air will reach each nook and corner of the house creating a breeze.

When planning a landscape if trees, shrubs etc. are strategically placed, it will help to cool the home. Shady trees and shrubs can be planted on the east and west sides of the home to obstruct the heat of the sun. Vines can be climbed up the sidewalls to keep that area cool and refreshing.

Paint the roof white and it will reflect the sun’s rays providing you with cool interiors and comfortable life. Another great idea to beat the heat during summer is to buy a dehumidifier as humidity is the great villain in this season. It is an affordable gadget to take care of the humidity, making you comfortable and relaxed.

Hope these tips are the best ones to turn your luxury home into a cool paradise during this hot season giving you a cozy and chilling stay in your home.