How to Feng Shui your homes effectively?

Do you smell the beautiful fragrance of flowers blooming around your house? Do you hear cute birds happily chirping? Well spring is right here folks! Time to rejuvenate yourself, your surroundings and your home with FengShui!

Feng shui is a prehistoric Chinese exercise of generating harmonious and pleasant relationships. Whether you believe in it or not, most of the feng shui principles make great interior design sense.

Even today, all of these design principles are used by the professional organizers, interior designers, and feng shui consultants. You could easily employ feng shui in your own interiors, it is a proven remedy to eradicate all your negative energy existing in your home! Welcome happiness by introducing Feng shui design methods. Let’s have a look on some really useful Feng Shui tips that you can adopt in your home.

Simple ways to use Feng shui your homes

Look out for the commanding position!

Each and every room has a commanding position for the purposes of feng shui, commanding position is the key to good health and happiness. Find the spot which is farthest from the room’s door and facing the entrance. This spot is the best location for desk, bed or TV.

Provide good energy to your entrance

You could welcome good energy to your indoors by having a welcoming spot with the help of greenery, calming artwork.

Use all the 5 elements

Traditional feng shui has 5 elements: fire, wood, metal, earth and water. If balanced properly, they signify all of the nature and restore balance and harmony into your home.

The  Feng Shui Fountain

Water stands for wealth in Feng Shui. A Feng Shui fountain is best to be placed near the entry of your home. The point is to direct the water towards the centre of home. This will drive the energy to bring good wealth to you!

Include greenery

Adding green plants and flowers in your home is an easy way for improving your home and its benefit isn’t restricted to feng shui. Flowers and plants make your interiors look good. Look out for your kitchen and check for any space above the kitchen cabinets. Now that invites dull energy to your home! Inorder to cover up the space, place some plants in this area. It will invite positive transformation in to your home

Avoid mess

It is very important for keeping an open and clean space so that you could channel all the energy to your home which the universe offers. Mess and untidy spaces block the positive energy to move freely all around your spaces.

Is your Bathroom door closed?

Do not keep your bathroom door open as it is a waste of water and water is wealth according to Feng Shui. Remember to keep your toilet seat cover down so that it will reduce the harmful effect.

Concentrate on your people

Design the seating arrangement in a way so that your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.One of the Feng shui practice is to pull chairs and other furniture away from your walls. This not only is a good Feng shui practice but also makes the living space more open and airy.