How to choose the right wood colour for your home?

Wood forms an essential aesthetic ingredient of modern premium homes and choosing the wood colour that matches with your walls, colour scheme, architecture and furnishings is a pretty hard task. More than a design element, wood can increase the market value of your premium home. If the wood floor colour is chosen randomly, then it will be a faux pas ruining the entire attraction of the house.

These tips can be followed that will help in choosing the right wood colour for your floor.

Focus on the surroundings

Consider the surroundings which holds first priority in choosing the ideal wood colour. Room size, colour of walls and texture should be your primary considerations while choosing the wooden floor colour. It will help you to choose a colour easily.

You should not use dark coloured floors in rooms with small space as it will impose a depressing mood into the surroundings. Light coloured floors will be the right choice for rooms with low ceiling. If you love the classic look, then traditional shades of brown will make your floor classy and attractive.

Follow your personal taste

The colour for the wood should be chosen based on your tastes and likes. It will give you a more comfortable and cozy feeling in your home, if the materials used are according to your preference.

Learn the colour types of wood chosen

The following are certain wood colours that are popular and knowing their unique qualities will help you to choose the perfect one.


White ash is one of the most loved colours for wood flooring that is very durable, coarse textured and straight grained making it flexible and shock resistant.


The colour of mahogany ranges from yellow to reddish brown. Straight grained, medium to coarse texture with a natural lustre, this wood displays an excellent finish when polished.


With its clear, white sapwood, maple is a dense wood that resists abrasion.

Oak red

It is one of the commonly available hardwood which is the best one for an inexpensive and good quality wood.

Oak White

It has a medium texture, coarse grained and the colour is usually pale yellow to brown. It is resistant to wear and exterior adversities.

While choosing the colour of your floor, it should complement and contrast at the same time. The identical colour of the walls and furnishings should not be chosen for the floor.

The final step

While visiting the nearby wooden floor showroom, you should take with you some samples that display the colour coordination of your room like a cabinet wood sample, a paint chip etc. It will help you to choose the apt wood colour for the room.

It takes much effort to finalise the best wood colour for your luxury home and hope the above tips will help in your endeavour.