How to Check the Construction Quality of A House?

How to Check the Construction Quality of A House? 

The quality of a smart home-buyer also lies in the awareness of how to effectively check the construction quality of the house that you are planning to buy. As you set off to purchasing villas in Kerala or flats, there are a large number of properties available in the market and you may find it difficult to find a house that meets high-quality standards. 

A good-looking property might not have the desired quality. Hence you should not make a blind purchase without verifying the quality criteria. Especially if you are buying an under-construction flat, checking the construction quality is of utmost importance. 

Top builders in Kerala like Malabar Developers, always maintain good construction quality and will ensure that a house is long-lasting without the need for frequent repair and maintenance.


How To Check The Construction Quality Of Your Home?

We recommend you to follow this construction quality checklist in detail to determine the quality aspects of the house

1. Understand the soil type

Soil type varies from location to location and hence, the first step of a home quality inspection is to check the nature and type of the ground soil on which the structure is built. The strength of the building is also determined by the soil type.

Credible builders like us will always take measures to enhance stability. It is always ideal to get a soil test done with the help of a professional construction expert.


2. Know the structural design

Another key aspect to consider is the basic structural design of a building. Malabar Developers’ flats in Trivandrum and also at other parts of the state have structures including walls, columns, beams and roofs that determine the stability and strength of a building. Our design ensures maximum safety and rigidity to the building.

Always assess the structuring like mentioned above and also know whether the building is constructed to withstand earthquakes of a certain magnitude and other common environmental disasters. 


3. Inspect the thickness of the wall

The thickness of the house walls should match with the measurements given in your property’s legal documents. You should inspect the walls physically with the help of a trusted architect and also check the quality by pressing against the wall or trying to insert a sharp object such as a key.

Also by taping against the wall using your knuckles can help to see if it is solid or hollow inside. 


4. Check the quality of plastering

When physically inspecting a home, you must check for cracks on wall plastering. This aspect essentially needs to be considered especially if you are buying an aged property.

Wall cracks are an indication of poor quality plastering or the presence of water leakage. Buying flats in Kottayam and other parts of Kerala from a reliable builder with a good reputation like us will ensure the best quality materials for construction.  


5. Check the quality of fixtures and fittings

As a home-buyer, you should pay attention to the minute details of the construction quality of a home. Proper fittings and fixtures determine the level of comfort of the residents. Check if all switches and electric accessories are of good quality and ensure smooth functioning. And also check if the kitchen and bathroom fittings such as taps, washbasins, showerheads, drainage pipes, etc are in good condition.

Similarly, check for the proper placement of doors and windowpanes and incur that all joints are fixed and lubricated well to avoid creaking noises while opening.


6. Understand the quality of the concrete mix 

The load-bearing capacity of a structure is determined by the strength of the concrete mix used in construction determines. Only a responsible builder like Malabar Developers will ensure the best quality concrete mix for building homes. 



The above-mentioned construction quality checklist is useful, informative and will help you make an informed decision while buying a house. Always choose a good and trustworthy builder to purchase flats in Cochin or any other parts of Kerala. Our expert team is always ready to guide you and help you in each step of your decision-making and procurement.