How to blend in your home with the environment?

Homes are your dwelling spots. After a long day, you come back to your home for getting a good night rest. But is your home safe? We are growing unsafe day by day. Reports of robbery, assault, and home invasion are jetting up every day. How can we reduce the attention our homes get and keep it safe from ill incidents?

Blend it in-

If you could read through the news articles that explains a home invasion incident, you could find a pattern. A pattern which describes the fact that posh/well-made homes serve as a beacon for robbers. If your home exhibits the fact that you are rich, then tone it down to the standards of your neighbourhood. Blend it in so that it will not be as eye-catching for robbers.

Camouflage- This is not sage advice for everyday home keepers. This is only applicable when your home is in the high-risk environment, where you are threatened by a force (both natural or man-made ) that could destroy your home. A perfect e.g –During World War-02 ,Lockheed Martin covered its entire factory with camouflage so that German forces would not be able to spot them in an air raid. Mind you, Camouflage is an extreme idea used only at the time of need.So think about it, before you do it.

Build a Nature-Friendly home –

Nature-friendly home is the best way you could blend in with the environment.Here mother nature provides the basic protection and clean livelihood so that you could enjoy your home to its fullest.

Spend more on Lighting-

There are seasons where natural light is not available for a continuous period of time.So switch over to electrical ones. Moreover, a well-lit home suggest that people are paying more attention to their surroundings.

Follow these simple steps and make your home more blend into your environment.