How to arrange furniture in your living room ?

Perhaps the most used spaces are the living rooms in your home. Be it any social gathering at your home, it always begins in the living room. The right placement of the furniture in your living room acts like a yardstick to measure how welcoming your home is.

A good layout of the living room promotes good traffic flow. The arrangement of the furniture in the living room is dependent on the natural focus of the living space. The focus of the living room could be a fireplace or a television or a set of windows. It is necessary to determine this feature first, in order to orient the arrangement of the furniture towards it.

The arrangement of the living room furniture depends on individual choices and selective pieces. Many of us have a couple of chairs or sofa sets that are often repositioned in order to create more space. This space is essential mainly to allow free movement and comfort. A commonly observed and popular way to arrange your furniture is the face- to – face arrangement. Positioning the seating in a way that two sofas or chairs are placed directly across facilitates better eye-to-eye contact and better conversation. A reachable coffee table placed in the centre of this arrangement completes the basic looks of your living room.

Where the furniture in your room is placed will immediately set the tone for how you’ll live in that room. Here are a few must-know tips for arranging spaces in your living room.

  • Keep Entrances Clear: Make your living room more welcoming by avoiding the placement of furniture or decorative elements such as plants, right next to the doors.
  • Stick to the 3 feet rule: Ensure that there is an average distance of approximately 3 feet between each piece of furniture to avoid bumping into the furniture or walls.
  • The Floating Furniture: Avoid pushing all your furniture against the walls to add to the spacing. Keep a space of at least 12 inches from the wall to make space seem more inviting and cozy.
  • Add an area rug to the living space: This would add to the classy looks of the interiors of your living room.
  • Setting the Lights: The ambience of your room always matters and the lighting that we use is one among the priorities.
  • Dramatic Colours: While speaking of the ambience, the colours matter a lot. In order to create a sophisticated backdrop for a room that doesn’t get enough natural lights, we could add small yellow lights or LED bulbs to make it feel like a moderately dark and dramatic jewel box.
  • Space Management: To add to the floor spacing, you could order for sofa sets with hidden storage compartments beneath the seats. You could use these compartments to store stuff like books, old newspapers, magazines etc.

Now go ahead and discuss with your interior designer on how to revamp your haven and make your dream home even livelier.