How does buying a property in its newly launched phase benefit you?


buying a property in its newly launched phase


A thing that is brand new has its own kind of attractions and plus points. So, this is the case with a brand new property. The demand for luxury flats in Kochi is seeing a rising trend. Whether you are thinking of buying a villa or flat that has just got completed or one that is still under construction, the benefits are all yours. Yes, you heard that right. There are numerous advantages to buying a newly launched property or pre-booking an under-construction one from Malabar Developers who are one of the top builders in Kerala


Some of the major benefits of purchasing a newly launched villa are:

  • You can relish the early bird pricing benefits

Most of the realtors offer their customers attractive early bird pricing. So, it is always better to keep an eye on such special pricing offered and pre-book your unit as soon as you can, as this offer might not be extended for a longer period. Are you looking for a newly launched 2 BHK flats in Kochi? Call us to know more. 

  • You must anticipate a future price hike

As the project gets completed and more and more people start getting info on it, there is likely to be an increased demand for the property. Especially if it is one built by a credible builder like Malabar Developers, it has the advantage of location and proximity. Flats in Kerala are seeing an increased demand that could affect the pricing of the property as well. The realtor might increase the price of the property which you might find is a noticeable hike. Hence, anticipate in advance the happening of such a situation and plan things accordingly and invest earlier.

  • There’s much scope for customization

An already completed home doesn’t hold much scope for customization when compared to a one under construction. Hence, if you are one who has been planning for and dreaming of having customizations of your own tastes and likes, it is better to plan ahead and purchase or pre-book a property in its construction stage itself. Thereby, you get ample time to invest in customization, by the time the construction is completed. Your hunt for luxury apartments in Kochi ends with Malabar Developers. 

  • Book your preferred unit

Another major advantage of buying a newly launched villa or flat is that you can preferably book the unit that you particularly want. Whether it be a 1 BHK flat in Kochi or one with more specifications. We all know that villas or apartments are a cluster of units put together and for instance, if you want a corner unit that you think has a much beautiful balcony view or you want the unit that is farthest from the road for increased privacy reasons, you are likely to get the unit booked only if you act prior and do the pre-booking. Or else you will be left with the option of the remaining units. 



Buying a villa or a flat is a lifetime event and is a dream come true moment for almost all of us. Hence, plan properly, research adequately and invest in a reliable and trustworthy builder like Malabar Developers. Our apartments in Kerala are synonymous with luxury and comfortable living.

Always consider pre-booking your villa for the various reasons of benefits listed above. After all, it is a huge investment that you are going to make, so make a wise one. Call us to know more.