Go Green, Live Comfortably

Green is the trend of the season, especially in June which is observed as an environment month. Every year, June 5 is celebrated as World Environment Day and many initiatives are taken by volunteers across the world to maintain environmental sustainability. We can also contribute in our way to protect our environment by turning our premium residences into eco-friendly homes. Here are some of the best tips to turn your contemporary luxury homes into green homes.

Many people are of the perception that a green home will be of highly functional, yet it will lack the style and comfort of a luxury home. This observance is entirely baseless and we can turn our homes into a paradise of comfort, in spite of going green. Premium and stylish building materials are now present in the market that will blend effortlessly with the environment, yet pampering you with refined lifestyle.

Environment friendly building materials

Eco friendly doors and windows can be chosen for your home, which will come with many energy saving features that will help you to reduce the fuel bills. It is advisable to use bamboo as a building material which is trendy as well as eco-friendly creating a blend of contemporary as well as rustic look to your home. Bamboo is a renewable resource and it is also the best alternative to wood.  You can also create a patio or terrace with pleasant plants enabling you to spend your leisure time comfortably.

Energy conserving materials

A luxury home is incomplete without modern appliances like Fridge, washing machine, heater and other trendy ones. You can start green living by using the energy conserving models of all the modern home appliances. This will make your life comfortable without harming the environment. Energy star ratings of the home appliances will help you choose the right ones that will provide a green and elegant life to you and your family.

Water Conservation

Conserving water is an important aspect in nurturing the environment as it is the lifesaving nectar on earth. Use appliances that save water, for instance opt for low flow toilets that consume less water than traditional alternatives. In our part of the country which is blessed with heavy rainfall, rainwater harvesting will help a lot in water conservation.

A vegetable garden

Most of the modern homes have a vegetable garden that does not follow the traditional lines of cultivating. Fruits and vegetables can be grown in containers or beds that can provide you with healthy food nourishing the nature.

Going green doesn’t mean abandoning the luxuries and comforts of life. The contemporary luxury home is flourished with elegant accessories and you can indulge in it along with making our Mother Nature feel comfortable. Take a decision this environment day, go green and enjoy the pleasure of living close to nature in your premium home.