Giving spacious appearance to small kitchen

The Kitchen is the busiest places in our homes. It may appear crowded, face storage issues and other problems. The lacking space or arrangements in the kitchen makes it look more crowded, dysfunctional and useless on most days. We have some tips to turn a small kitchen spacious with some smart design tricks.

  • Scale down the size of the appliances.
    The size of the kitchen is one of the major factors during the arrangement. The kitchen can be made more stylish trying to scale down the size of the appliances. During the selection of kitchen appliances, go for a small refrigerator, microwave, stove with two burners and a single sink that offers same functions of a double sink. Select best but small appliances.
  • Installing open shelves by removing overhead cabinets.
    The overhead cabinets can be eliminated from the kitchen, so space doesn’t seem as closed. The arrangement of the open shelves gives more open and larger feel to the kitchen. The open shelves will enable us to see the objects being stored in shelves which will give the more spacious appearance.
  • Colourful lighting options to the kitchen.
    The kitchen must not look dull due to lack of space and its arrangement. Select unique or bold colours for kitchen materials. Choose fun picking floors, countertop material and cabinetry. The colour must capture the eyes of guests to the fun and playful space, and it takes away the notice of the visitors from the fact that there is no much architectural detail your small kitchen.
  • Concentrating on Glass designs.
    Consider replacing the kitchen with glass as much as possible throughout the available space. Along with this, adding glass front cabinets, a kitchen table or other element will automatically open up space. Consider replacing the kitchen door with glasses such that they do not seem to be separated from other rooms. Consider adding a pass-through for an open and modern look. Using of mirrored accessories will add life to the kitchen.
  • Including lighting sources at the kitchen.
    Light sources and open kitchen space will add a spacious look to the kitchen. Lighting above the cabinets and even at the floor level can be done to give life to your kitchens. The shadowing of the cabinets can be reduced with the arrangement of lights in the cabinets.
  • Try to enjoy comfort in your small kitchen.
    The greatest advantage of the small kitchens is that it can be made comfortable for use. Instead of going to large and spacious kitchens, try to enjoy the comfort in your available small areas. Add a dark rich wall colour and add sophisticated accessories that balance the rich background and amp up your kitchen’s luxury quotient with high style.
  • Paint cabinets the same colour as the walls.
    Give same colours to walls and the cabinets. It is considered that pale colours will reflect light and will make space feel bigger than they are. The colours such as black, navy, charcoal and chocolate create the impression that walls are farther back than they are.
  • Choose furniture with a small footprint.
    While choosing furniture for the kitchen, choose slim chairs, streamlined stools and narrow tables that don’t take up much of the floor space. Avoid furniture with thick legs and bases.
  • Separating breakfast room by a small half wall from the kitchen.
    The breakfast room can be separated from the kitchen by a half wall. The separation of rooms with the full wall may lead to discomfort or make the kitchen look small. Separation with low walls may give a spacious appearance.
  • Focus on few standout items and necessities and hide the rest away.
    Focus only the necessary items in the kitchen. Store all others inside cabinets or store rooms. Don’t crowd counters, shelves and cabinets with clutter, which makes space look crowded and make the kitchen look much smaller.

Concentrating on all the tips mentioned above and arranging the kitchen using these tips may make the kitchen look more spacious and attractive than they are.