Give life to your kitchen with these design tips

In the old days kitchen was only considered to be a place to cook meals and it was given least importance in the design layout. But with the concept of luxury homes taking the centre stage, kitchen became an inevitable design element of the house. Now this part of house is as important as the living room, a place for the family to bond with, for couples to cook together and for friends to catch up with. Now the kitchen of luxury homes need to be inviting and stylish and the following tips will make it come alive in style.

For the love of walls

The part of the kitchen which will draw attention immediately is the walls, so begin your design experiment from them. An accent wall with a splash of bold colours will definitely change your kitchen from drab to dashing. If whites, neutrals or pastels are your choice, then the ideal shade of those in trendy patterns will add that much essential glamorous touch to the bread basket of your house.  Instead of an accent wall, you can also choose sophisticated shade that is unique and appealing.

Dashing Floors

The most important thing to concentrate while choosing materials for flooring is durability and functionality. Yet, you can make a strong statement with kitchen flooring. There are various materials, patterns and colours available that will make your choice endless. Patterned tiles, terracotta, wood in different shades, marbles, and granites – the options are limitless, each material lending their unique identity to the floors of your kitchen.

A dramatic Ceiling

It is the most underestimated décor element in the kitchen. You can revolutionise your ceiling with a dramatic one that will add more refined vibe to your kitchen. You can even add a gorgeous chandelier to a bright ceiling which will redefine the entire aura of the place.

Colourful Cabinets

Cabinets are the best place in the kitchen which can be revamped to change the entire mood of the atmosphere. If you are too bored of the cabinets, then the best way is to change their colour. The right shade can bring refreshing elements into the entire atmosphere. The colour chosen can be bold and glamorous, sleek and sophisticated or cozy comfortable – it depends on your taste and personal style.

Have a try on Art

Bring some art into your kitchen – Living room is not the only place to showcase your creativity. Kitchen is a great place to invite some masterpieces of art. Give the space a unique personality with photographs, paintings, chandeliers and other décor elements that are edgy and stylish. Loosen up your wild creativity and change the entire mood of the kitchen.

Hope the above tips will inspire you to add some colour and cheer to the kitchen, making it one of the most comfortable and stimulating part of your luxury home.