Does the pandemic affect your home buying in 2022?

Does the pandemic affect your home buying in 2022?


Off lately, the situations around us had lost momentum for quite some time owing to the Coronavirus pandemic. Businesses and establishments are still struggling to keep afloat as there is uncertainty prevailing all around. Jobs, dividends, stocks, or finances and namely all areas of life were affected. 

The economic imbalance had also affected the homebuyers, investors and the real estate industry as well. But the top builders in Kerala like Malabar Developers, have had excellent strategies even during these pandemic times, and are providing offers that are irresistible and pocket-friendly to home buyers.  

So, your question of whether you should buy a home during this pandemic is answered rightly by explaining to you the points mentioned below. 


Benefits of Investing During The Pandemic


  • Lower Interest Rates

The RBI’s repo rate cut favourably brings down the interest rates on home loans. And hence, most banks have launched new home loan products that are linked to the repo rate revision. Currently, the repo rate stands at 4.4%, which is undoubtedly the lowest ever. This is absolutely the perfect time for homebuyers to invest in apartments in Kerala. Hence, if you can afford a home loan, this is the right time to invest in a home. Go, get a home loan approved before the rates increase again.

  • Favourable Negotiations 

This is a time when builders and flats in Kerala are displaying eagerness to clear the inventory in order to resume cash flow. Most of the prominent builders like Malabar Developers are also offering attractive discounts. Hence, this is the right time to invest in home buying. Get in touch with us to secure a good deal for yourselves.

  • There’s A Demand-Supply Slowdown

The pandemic has triggered an economic slowdown and demand for homes is seeing a decrease. In general, people are hesitant to invest in a home and are skeptical about their financial stability. You must take advantage of this situation. We do have attractive offers for our flats in Cochin, flats in Kottayam, Villas in Calicut and elsewhere. Do contact us to know more. 


Things to consider when buying a home during this pandemic:


  • Anticipate Project Delays

As the whole country had gone under lockdown, construction workers had returned home and project delays were imminent. This has further added to the already unavoidable regulatory changes that the real estate industry had to face. Hence, do anticipate project delay issues.

  • Foresee Liquidity Issues

With less than minimum sales happening in any sector for that matter, liquidity can be a major issue that you will face. Most investors and businessmen are still struggling to pick up their pace. So, until the money starts flowing in gradually, you might face Liquidity issues as well.

  • Uncertainty Prevailing With Regard To Economic Growth

It is not just in India that this economic crisis has happened. Most of the countries in the world have had an adverse impact due to this pandemic. With these world economies facing such turmoil and the Indian economy being dependent on foreign investments and equity funding will suffer greatly.



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