Differences between an Independent House and a Villa

Independent HouseThere comes a point in everyone’s lives when they are done with having to tolerate the hassles of dealing with fussy landlords and temporary rental homes. And just like the birds, every person aspires to have a nest of their own one day, a dream home where they are the king of all that they survey.

But when doing a little research before buying a home of your own, things do get a little perplexing as there are a variety of types of homes to select from; like apartments, townhouses, villas, villaments and independent houses. Since privacy is an important factor to keep in mind when buying your home, villas and independent houses make the ultimate choices for home buyers. While villas were once the posh country homes of upper-class Romans, independent homes are usually inherited homes that were earlier known as bungalows by the British during their stay in Kolkata. Here’s a look at some factors to help you choose between these two types of homes:


Villas and independent houses are both stand-alone homes that provide a comfortable and spacious living. They both stand in their own plots which also come along with the building, and that’s about where the similarities between the two end. Villas are usually contemporary in design, double-storied and offer all the latest in luxurious lifestyles, independent homes (also known as bungalows), usually offer traditional designs of living spaces. Check out the ‘Orchid Springs’ villas by Malabar Developers in Peyad, Trivandrum, and you will be awe-struck by the contemporary designs and luxurious lifestyles offered by these villas.


Villas are found located in pre-demarcated plots in exclusive housing colonies where people of similar social strata can be found living together in gated communities. Check out the niche locations of the villa projects by Malabar Developers in Trivandrum, Calicut and Perinthalmana. Independent houses on the other hand are stand-alone homes that can be located anywhere. They can be in residential areas or tucked in-between commercial buildings, depending on wherever the plot is available.


An important feature of villa homes is the plethora of plush amenities that come with them. These could include swimming pools, outdoor game courts, jogging tracks, manicured gardens, kid’s play parks, gyms, etc. All these and more come along with the luxurious ‘Malabar Hills’ villas in Kakkooth, Perinthalmana, ‘Green County’ villas in Peruvayal, Calicut and the ‘Montana Estates’ in Kuttikkattoor, Calicut. Such amenities are provided by the builders for their villa projects and shared by the residents of the gated community. Independent homes, owned by a single family cannot afford to install all these luxurious amenities into their home turf as it can get very expensive!

Safety and security

Villa projects are located within a safe and secure campus with their own 24X7 security systems. When the owners are away at work or on vacation, they can be assured that their property is safe. This is not the case with independent houses that are more exposed and open to vandalism or theft. Very few independent house owners go to the trouble of hiring security for themselves as it can be expensive. With villa projects, where the cost is shared with other homeowners, 24X7 security is a cost-effective facility.

Plush Lifestyles

Villas come with their own peaceful inner lanes, paved sidewalks and manicured hedges, lawns and gardens. These are clean, safe and less polluted spaces to enjoy an early morning jog or an evening stroll with your dog without the fear of being pushed around or run down by vehicles. Villa projects such as the delightful ‘Orchid Springs’ in Peyad, Trivandrum, the sprawling ‘Green County’ in Peruvayal, Calicut, the pristine ‘Malabar Hills’ in Kakkooth, Perinthalmanna and the eco-friendly ‘Montana Estate’ in Kuttikattoor, Calicut, all offer such plush lifestyles that keep you inspired for a lifetime.

Other life-enhancing features that come with these villa projects include designated party areas, barbecue counters, clubhouses and landscaped areas that add to the quality of life of its residents. Such delightful perks don’t come with independent homes that are limited by their boundary walls. Adding all these perks can get very expensive and isn’t very practical for independent house owners. And as can be imagined, morning jogs or peaceful evening strolls can become quite a nightmare on public roads for independent house residents.


Independent house owners cannot depend on having similar-minded neighbors, but with villa homes, you can be assured of living among people who have similar standing in society as yourself.

Hopefully, you now have a better idea about villas and independent homes!