Decoration Ideas for Your Apartment Balcony

With most homes going vertical these days, the dream of having your own garden to potter around in is fast receding. Not to be disheartened however, there is still a lot you can do with your balconies too. Most big brand builders are aware of the needs of their homebuyers and provide residential projects with spacious balconies to fulfill your dreams.

There is so much more you can do with home decor ideas in a balcony than merely placing a table and chairs in it. With a little bit of imagination on balcony decoration, your balcony can become a private haven that will be functional, yet aesthetically delightful. Balconies are basically an extension of your living spaces and provide the much-needed breath of fresh air as you enjoy the open vistas.

apartment balcony decoration

With a little planning, your apartment’s balcony space can be turned into a stunningly beautiful mini garden which is great for relaxing as well as for entertaining guests. You can grow vegetables, fresh herbs or decorative plants to create a green coverage for your open spaces. The latest trend in apartments is in growing vertical gardens along balcony walls which frees up space for you to keep other things in the balcony, while still providing green coverage to decorate the balcony.

And when it comes to buying furniture for your flat’s balcony, consider the size of the balcony first; large–sized furniture will make your balcony look cramped up. Simple, light-weight furniture is best for the balcony. If you have a spacious balcony, simple home decor ideas like large decorative tubs and pots to grow small sized trees and shrubs will make it look amazing. With careful pruning, you could even create your own piece of art on the balcony!

A balcony is also a great place to host exclusive barbeque parties. Some great interior design ideas for your flat’s balcony include bohemian-style low seating to create a stylish atmosphere as you feast on delectable bites! Planting climbers around the balustrade or above the balustrade in hanging baskets can create a lovely green screen to provide privacy from prying eyes. A couple of standing lamps would complete your balcony decoration and provide the perfect lighting for summer evenings.

If your flat has small-sized balconies, you should use slim and tall pots as they require less space and you can still decorate it according to your imagination, but on a realistic scale. If you are buying into any of the apartment projects by Malabar Developers however, you won’t have to worry about small balconies as all their residential projects offer apartments with spacious balconies.