Cupboards & Shelves for your apartments

A cupboard or a shelf is an integral part of any apartment. It is an extended storage space for your dresses; accessories and souvenirs. Not only that; a designed cupboard or a shelf adds an extra layer of panache to your apartment. So here are some of the different kinds of cupboards and shelves available for your apartments in the market.

  • Classic wood

Shelves and cupboards made out of wood give your apartment a classy touch. Even though they might appear heavy and may get damaged easily, they are still preferred by many for their sturdiness. Try it if you need to get a vintage look for your apartment.

  • Stainless steel

Steel shelves are counterparts for wooden shelves. They are robust and well built. They are generally used in kitchens to store utensils.

  • Plywood

The most cost-effective material available to make shelves and cupboards. They have superior finish and workability. They are also the most preferred material by the manufacturers.

  • Glass

Glass is preferred by modern designers and decorators alike. Even though they lack the required functionality; they can give your apartment a futuristic look.

So, what kind of cupboard/shelf do you prefer?