Choosing the right tile for your bathroom

The tiles that you choose for your bathroom determines the overall look and feel of this space. The right tiles could turn your bathroom into one of the highlight spaces of your home whereas one wrong tile is more than enough to devastate the entire tone of your bathroom.

When you are on your way to choose the perfect tile, of the many factors to consider, you need to focus on the size, shape, material, colour and finish of the tile. Here’s why.

  • Size and Shape

The size and shape of the tile you choose for your bathroom depends on the size, shape and layout of the bathroom. So how do you choose the right tile? Think of the various planes that require tiling in your bathroom. Where do they start and stop and how do they meet with one another? Are there windows or any other niche elements to fit in? How do you want the planes containing the basins, mirror and cabinets to stand out from the rest? Giving a thought in this manner should help you choose the right tile and make your bathroom a one-of-a-kind space in your home.

  • Proportion

If you’re using a couple of different sizes of tile within the bathroom (which is often the case), make sure their proportions work together. It’s important that the tiles line up properly everywhere they meet.

  • Colour and Finish

When you visit the tile showroom, you may come across a plethora of tiles that look amazing when considered individually. But when you zero down on your final choice, make sure that it goes in accordance with the colours of the other fittings in the bathroom. If you don’t intend to revamp your bathroom after a while, and are looking for a long term choice, opt for something neutral that remains the show-stopper at all times.

  • Anti-Skid Tiles

It’s not a very glorious feeling when you slip over wet tiles and injure yourself. To avoid that, available in the tiles market these days are tiles with anti-skid properties such as a rugged surface, that provides an additional grip, even in wet conditions. 

  • Lighting

Always give a consideration to the amount of natural light that enters this space. If the lighting is low, opt for lighter shades of tiles as they reflect the existing light better and brighten up the space. In smaller bathrooms, to give a more spacious illusion, use the same tile on the floors and the walls.

So are you planning to revamp your existing bathroom or make a whole new one? Whatever may be your answer, choose the right tile!