Best tips to care for your home during the monsoon season

Sitting in the balcony, sipping up the coffee and watching the rhythmic fall of raindrops is the most beautiful picture of monsoon season. Everyone loves rainy season as it imparts a heavenly beauty to nature, refreshing soul and mind. But rains can also bring some problems to home owners like leak in the building, water stagnation etc. The following tips will help you to care for your luxury home during monsoon.

Care for your home should begin before the onset of monsoon itself, as you have to prepare your home for it.

Check for leaks and cracks in ceiling or walls and if they are found, you need to immediately repair it before the onset of monsoon. Clean the affected part and then apply waterproof coating to fix the leaks of roof or walls. Professional help can be also taken to solve this issue before the rains.

Electrical fitting and switches need frequent maintenance and it is more important to have a check on them especially in the rainy season, if they are exposed to rain. The switches are to be covered and the damaged electrical cords should be replaced to prevent danger from electric shock. It is better to consult a professional electrician for the maintenance of electrical appliances like A.C, inverter, stabilizer etc.

Due to the high moisture in the air, your wooden furniture and flooring demand extra care this season. They should be properly polished and waxed to protect them from the enhanced moisture in the air. Swelling of wooden door is a common problem in this season and it can be fixed with the help of a professional carpenter. Clothes can be protected from the extra moisture by putting camphor balls in the cupboards.

Carpets are an attractive part of the interior decoration and hence it is important to protect them from the moisture of the rainy season. The better way to protect your carpet is to roll them up, cover them up in plastic sheets and store them in dry place. This will protect them from being ruined by the damp weather. It is advisable to use bamboo or plastic mats during rainy season than the heavy carpets.

Sometimes rainwater enters the house instead of closing tightly the doors and windows. In such cases, a rubber lining can be used to fix the gap between the windows or doors.

Water stagnation around the house is a crucial problem in this season that will invite diseases. So it is advisable to fix the pits and gaps around your home, before the rain starts. Apply pest control around your home and clear all water flowing areas. Clear rain gutters regularly to protect foundations and basements from damage.

If it is needed, you should renovate your home before the rainy season. All the pending works such as painting, water proofing etc. should be done before the start of the monsoon season itself.

By taking all the above precautions, your luxury home will remain elegant and attractive as ever without being affected by the calamities of the monsoon season. So enjoy the comfort and coziness of the rains this season without being troubled by any problems related to your house.