Best Reasons to buy flats in Kannur

Kannur, the place that is replete with history, is well known for its temple festivals and folk art forms like Theyyam. Earlier there was no real estate boom in this northern district of Kerala. Now, Kannur is considered to be one of the best cities in Kerala to reside, earn or invest due to the high rise development that has taken place in the city.
NRI population is keenly interested to invest in flats in Kannur as the city is in a fast paced development mode. Modern flats in Kannur will definitely add pleasure and comfort to the lives of people residing in it. Earlier Kannur was known to be a place of chaos. But now it has turned out to be one of the peaceful cities to live in Kerala.
If you want to live in a place where you can enjoy the warm hospitality, for which Kerala is famous, then you should buy flats in Kannur. Flats in Kannur can also be used as a holiday home since there are lots of tourist attractions in this beautiful part of the state. Kannur is home to rich culture, historic places, enchanting forts and breath-taking beaches. One of the great attractions in Kannur is the Muzhappillangad Beach which is the only drive-in beach in India.

Malabar Developers, one of the most preferred real estate Developers in the state, has prestigious flats in Kannur, which is undoubtedly called the land of Looms and Lores. Live in the divine city of Kannur where history lies in deep slumber in the nook and corner of the city.

Sea Willow, situated in a strategic location in Kannur, is one of the prestigious flats in Kannur by Malabar Developers. Seawillow is blessed with the serene charm of the surroundings, a place where the azure Arabian Sea, lush green coconut trees and the natural harbour Mopilla Bay all come together to gift you with a life filled with the enchanting grace and charm of nature. Live in a home that is in harmony with the warmth and coziness of nature and discover the real meaning of life here, in the Kannur flats of Malabar Developers.

Sea Willow is perfectly located in close proximity to all major conveniences that are essential for a modern effortless life, making it one of the most preferred flats in Kannur to settle down. With the perfect blend of harmonious aesthetics and innovative technology, we have incorporated graceful design style into the flats in Kannur making the best use of light and space to its maximum potential. Art and Architecture combine beautifully in our flats in Kannur enabling you to live the grand life you have ever dreamt of.