Benefits of Owning a Second Home in 2021

Second Home

Investment options are in plenty, but buying a second home has become an ideal investment plan, especially because, when it comes to real estate as a means of investment, there is a double advantage; one as a means of rental income and the other as a value appreciation factor. Benefits of owning a second home are thus plentiful and there are numerous builders in Kerala, from whom you can choose the kind of home you wish to invest in.


Few benefits of having a second home in 2021 are

  • A means of stable rental income

If the second home that you are purchasing is with the motive to give it out for rent, then, it is definitely a good idea, which would yield you a stable means of income every month. Especially builders like the Malabar Developers have their flats at ideal locations with great amenities that will attract good tenants.

  • A good means of investment

A second home is always considered as a good means of investment as real estate always has the potential for value appreciation over time. But you certainly would want to consider the credibility of the builder as well. Malabar Developers’ flats in Kochi are all placed at sought-after locations with proximity to all major access points and they give much importance to the eco-friendly atmosphere owing to the appreciation of your home.

  • Income tax benefit

As per the Income Tax rules, under section 80C, the principal amount that is repaid to up to 1.5 lakhs will be deductible for tax exemptions and additionally up to Rs. 2 lakhs on the interest component will also call for tax deductions. Hence, buying a second home gets you benefits of tax deductions.

  • Holiday home/ Retirement home

A second home can always be a much sorted out asset and can be used as a holiday home or a retirement home. Especially the ones built by Malabar Developers are an epitome of luxury and amenities, which you can definitely look forward to relishing on. Amenities like swimming pool, fitness area, gaming zones etc are major highlights.


To conclude

The dedicated home care department at Malabar Developers extends rental and resale facilities exclusively for our customers. From helping you in finding the appropriate tenant to seeking high-value rentals, our professional team helps you with each step in realising the benefits of owning a second home. Malabar Developers being one amongst the Top Trusted Builders in Kerala, provides exceptional living spaces to its customers. Whether it be your first ever purchase or the second, when opting for Flats in Kochi, always trust the reliable builders.