The Top Benefits of Living in an Apartment in Calicut

Apartment in Calicut

Calicut is a popular place of real estate interest and a favourite destination amongst investment enthusiasts. Many are interested in buying apartments in Calicut, either to settle down or as an investment. Several new construction projects are therefore in progress, and these include villas, personal houses as well as apartments and flats.

Apartments are probably the best option when it comes to choosing the best real estate property in Calicut. This is because there are plenty of advantages to living in an apartment in Calicut. 

Here are a few that will help you make a decision.

Secured Living

The most important benefit of living in an apartment in Calicut is the security that you will get. Unlike individual houses, apartments are usually located inside a walled complex with CCTV cameras on every entrance and security guards who give access only to the residents and permitted guests.

In an emerging city like Calicut, where different kinds of people are moving in, there is always trouble regarding trespassers, salesmen, or thieves. Living in an apartment from the best builders in Calicut, like Malabar Developers, will give you the peace of mind that no visitors will reach you without scrutiny.

You can thus live safely with your kids or the aged people in your family.

Ample Amenities

If you live in a private home, it would be extremely expensive to have your own swimming pool, gym, or park. By wisely choosing to live in an apartment, you will get access to all these amenities quite naturally. It doesn’t call for an extra expense, and you will be able to enjoy your leisure time within the comforts of your territory.

The financial obligations that you will have to take into consideration are not that rewarding if you choose to have these in a private home. Besides, all these amenities are available nearby, and you do not have to walk long distances to go to the pool or the gym. It is just a few steps away from your apartment, within the same complex.

Apart from premium villa projects in Calicut, Malabar Developers also has some of the best flats in Calicut, which you should definitely check out.

Improved Lifestyle

 Since most of the apartment complexes in Calicut are constructed in prime urban locations, your lifestyle will automatically be uplifted, when you live in such good apartments placed in the best locations. The people you meet and mingle with will certainly have an impact on your life and lifestyle. This would be a great advantage that overpowers the advantages of living in a house.

Maintenance and cleaning

Cleaning the areas surrounding your house is a troublesome task. By choosing to live in an apartment, you can avoid this headache because the management committees will take care of these things. Hence, you will live in a clean and well-maintained apartment complex that is not only beautiful but also worth living in.


Yet another major advantage of living in an apartment in Calicut is accessibility. With most of the amenities included within the proximity of the apartment complex, the other facilities are more accessible from an apartment complex than from a location where there are only private houses and villas in Calicut.

Most of the apartment complexes house many families and residents. Hence, shopping malls, market places, cinema halls, theatres, etc, are built nearby providing you with better accessibility to these.


It is always easier to put the apartment on rent or even resell it. And if the location is prime, you will get great returns too.



Now that you know the advantages of living in an apartment in Calicut, you should get in touch with us for the best apartment options in the best locations. We have many upcoming and ready-to-occupy projects that you can choose from. We have crafted some of the best apartments in Kerala. Come, join the club of fine living!