Baby-proofing your Apartment: What you need to do

Babies love exploring the world around them. They learn new things by seeing, hearing and touching. Sometimes, it does not end with these soft methods of learning. Your baby grows into an adamant and aggressive learner where he/she would climb, jump and throw or bang their heads into table corners only to end up crying. It’s a kind of  an explore and learn process, and no amount of scolding or scaring from your side is going to stop them, but you can definitely take precautions. And by that, we mean baby-proofing your apartment.

Look through your baby’s eyes

The first step to baby-proofing your apartment involves viewing your dream haven through the perspective of your baby. That way you can find out hidden tit-bits, sharp corners etc. that can be potentially dangerous to the little explorer in your home.

Cover sharp edges

Sharp corners and toddlers are a dangerous combination. Sometimes little mishaps often make you wonder if your baby has no other place to learn to stand other than these corners. You cannot part with your baby to keep the furniture, neither can you part with the furniture because of the baby. The only option is to cover up all the sharp corners with a soft rubber cover so that the edges don’t harm your little one.

Cover Electrical Outlets

Kids tend to play with electrical outlets by trying to put in their fingers into them. Therefore, all electric outlets at floor level should be covered in order to block access to electrical plugs.

Install Baby-locks for cabinets

The kitchen is a world of fascination for your baby. From garbage to cutlery, the mischievous sweetheart considers everything as a toy. Accidents in the kitchen happen in the blink of an eye, and hence, the best way to avoid it is to install baby-locks for all cabinets.

Invest in a baby gate

In areas that do not have a door, like the staircase, the best investment you can make in your home is a baby gate. The safest baby gates are the plastic ones with solid panels. It’s best to avoid the kind with fancy bars, as babies can get their hands stuck or even heads stuck in between the rails.